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LADA Unveils Mouth-Watering Geopark Packages

LADA Unveils Mouth-Watering Geopark Packages

Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) is back again to place the beautiful island of Langkawi on the world map by participating in the much anticipated ITB Berlin 2023. Having taken place from the 7th to 9th March 2023 at the Berlin ExpoCenter City, a state of the art 190,000 m² exhibition space comprising of 27 halls, LADA’s main purpose of participating in this roadshow alongside Cable Car Langkawi was to introduce the Geopark Green Packages available for tourists visiting Langkawi.

Commenting on their participation, Mr. Wan Kamarul Faisal Wan Kamardin, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of LADA said, “It istruly an honour to be given a platform to share the beauty of Langkawi with the world. We are really excited to reveal a variety of new packages for the UNESCO Global Geopark in Langkawi. We take pride in the fact that we are the home to the first Global Geopark in Southeast Asia to be awarded the UNESCO status. Tourists planning to step foot into Langkawi will surely not be disappointed. The combination of geological features, breath-taking views and exciting activities are not to be missed”.

The Langkawi Geopark Green Package intends to provide a unique and fascinating glimpse into the geological formation of the island. One way to go about it is to ride a jet-ski and witness first hand the unique limestones and marble structures. The thrill of jet skiing is an added incentive as you take in the stunning views of the Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park, the second largest islandic fresh water lake in Malaysia. An alternative method of admiring Langkawi would be to do so aerially. The Sky Cab Panoramic View provides just that.

As the cable car elevates to the peak of Mount Machinchang, visitors will be treated to a breath-taking view overlooking the Andaman Sea. Nature lovers too can look forward to the newly unveiled package with the Mangrove Safari of the Kilim Geoforest Park or Kubang Badak Bio Geo Trail. The Kilim Karst Geoforest is a karstic formation mangrove forest with an environment suitable for hosting several rare species of flora and fauna. Besides revelling in the unique environment, this package also comprises of tourists planting one mangrove or native tree, allowing them to leave their mark in Langkawi. Meanwhile, the unique tidal river estuary of Kubang Badak BioGeo Trail homes 13 interesting sites. Hop on a boat and get the chance to explore the mangrove or embark on a bird watching trip to be on the lookout for shorebirds and mangrove birds.

Completing the package, learn to appreciate the tradition of rice ecosystems with the Laman Padi package. The massive 8.6 acre area presents a rustic and serene view of the paddy fields. Upon exploring the paddy field and gallery, tourists can sit back and relax at the pavilion, resting sheds or balconies at the complex, soaking in an overview of the open field. The package includes a Paddy Gallery Tour, Rice Field Tour, Herbs Garden Tour, Traditional Paddy Planting, Rice Grinder, Rice Trashing, Rice Winnowing, Coconut Grating, Food Demonstration, Catching Fish and Scarecrow Making.

“Statistics show that Germans are big fans of our beloved island. As of September 2022, Germany was listed as one of the top markets for Langkawi. As a matter of fact, Germany waslisted in the top 9 hotel guest statisticsfor Langkawi. We strongly believe we can reinforce and perhaps even strengthen that statistic in the coming years. We will continue developing our package deals to keep up with current demands and ensure all visitors feel a sense of satisfaction when they step out of Langkawi,” added Mr. Haji Ahmad Fuad.

ITB has been around for more than 50 years,standing out as an industry leader for networking and trendsetting events. Every year in March, the greatest travel trade event, ITB Berlin, draws the whole world of tourism to gather in one location. ITB acts as a canvas and as the place to be for experienced experts and everyone professionally passionate about tourism worldwide to share their industrial intelligence. Even in the midst of challenging times, ITB focuses on bringing together the global travel, tourism and hospitality community.

Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) was set up by the federal government to plan, promote and implement development on the island of Langkawi. It was officially established on 15 March 1990, under the Langkawi Development Authority Act 1990 (Act 423) and placed under the authority of the Ministry of Finance. Through all their efforts, LADA is committed to continuously support the noble efforts of all parties in restoring the heyday of Langkawi’s tourism sector for collective prosperity of the island and its dwellers. Ultimately, the goal of the organisation is to position Langkawi as a world-renowned tourism destination.

Siti Nur Hadis SaadTourism DepartmentLangkawi Development Authority (LADA)Mobile: +60 13 4885 282Email:

LADA Unveils Mouth-Watering Geopark Packages


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