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Association Impact Masterclass launches at IBTM Barcelona

~ From left: Senthil Gopinath (CEO of ICCA), Amelia Roziman (CEO of BESarawak), Geneviève Leclerc (Co-Founder and CEO of Meet4Impact), Gary Grimmer (Executive Chairman of GainingEdge) at the Association Impact Masterclass launch at IBTM Barcelona.

Today marks the launch of the ground-breaking Association Impact Masterclass, a transformative initiative designed to elevate the power, impact, and effectiveness of association partnerships! The launching was held at IBTM Barcelona in Spain, which took place from November 28 – 30, 2023. The inaugural class, supported by BESarawak as Seed Grant Contributor, will take place between 25 – 27 April 2024 in Kuching, Sarawak.

The Association Impact Masterclass, co-created by ICCA, Meet4Impact and GainingEdge is an exciting new training programme, which will not only align seamlessly with the successful ICCASkills certification programme, but also add valuable enhanced capabilities to the skillsets of association professionals worldwide. Upon completion, participants will receive the Certificate of Association Impact Leadership, which counts towards ICCASkills certification.

The Association Impact Masterclass is not just a course; it is a catalyst for change. By participating, associations will embark on a collaborative journey that reshapes and recalibrates their influence, ensuring they emerge as true leaders in their respective fields.

Some words from the creators of the Association Impact Masterclass

Amelia Roziman, CEO of BESarawak: “Associations are in the best position to make a real difference in society and through this certification, they will gain the latest knowledge and skills that will strengthen their event design and contribution to societal and economic development. As we aim to become the legacy capital of business events in Malaysia and Borneo and enhance our services and delivery in legacy impact, capacity building will continue to be a key strategy as outlined in the Legacy Impact Master Action Plan. We are very excited to host the first Masterclass in April and welcome everyone from around the world to become Certified Association Impact Leaders. We also warmly welcome other designations to host the Association Impact Masterclass.” 

~ Amelia Roziman, CEO of BESarawak (right)

Senthil Gopinath, ICCA CEO: “Collaboration, global connections, education, expertise… this unique initiative represents the best of what ICCA does, working extremely closely with partners and facilitators to bring real change and potential to the work that we all do. I appreciate and respect the ambition of intent evident in putting this in-depth programme together, and anticipate the transformative impact that two hugely interactive days in Kuching in April will bring to our thriving global community.”

~ Senthil Gopinath, ICCA CEO

Geneviève Leclerc, Co-Founder and CEO, Meet4Impact: “As an association professional with 30 years working within or for associations of all fields, I am truly excited to be engaging associations to explore impact strategy through this new masterclass. While associations are all for-purpose organisations, understanding how to strengthen their mission delivery by having a strong focus on generating and measuring their impact will elevate their power to drive the necessary social and environmental transformations that are in front of us. It is not just about learning new skills; it is about embarking on a collective growth journey on crafting a lasting impact for their communities and our society as a whole.”

~ Geneviève Leclerc, Co-Founder and CEO, Meet4Impact (left)

Gary Grimmer, Executive Chairman, GainingEdge: “Globally, associations play such a significant role in advancing progress and transforming society.  A fundamental purpose of associations is to drive positive impacts for their stakeholders and the broader community.  This new Masterclass will zero in on strengthening the strategic focus on impacts and managing and measuring them more effectively.  Ultimately, it is about extending and building even greater impacts which in turn will drive association growth, success and sustainability.”  

Join the ICCA Association Impact Masterclass and be a leader for change in the association landscape. For full course information, enquiries and registration details, contact


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