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5 Simple Steps to Choosing your Ideal Hair Dye

5 Simple Steps to Choosing your Ideal Hair Dye

The hair market is saturated with all types of hair dyes. But did you know, one wrong pick can hurt your hair (and your health). There are important considerations to make before you pick your favourite colour.
Not to worry, because these 5 simple recommended steps will help you make your better-informed choice. 

STEP 1 – Check the product’s notification with (Approval by) Ministry of Health (KKM) 

In Malaysia cosmetics are regulated under the Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations 1984.  The “cosmetics” include most of our personal care products. 

Refer to THIS PAGE for more information.

The law requires all cosmetics (including hair dyes) to be notified with the Ministry of Health before they can be sold in the market.  It is ILLEGAL to possess an unnotified cosmetic! 

Notified cosmetics must be labelled in Bahasa Malaysia or English only. 

Risks of unnotified cosmetics include: 

  1. Not meeting regulatory requirements 

  2. Unknown manufacturing quality 

  3. Unknown concentrations of chemical ingredients, especially the “restricted” (harmful) chemicals 

  4. Possibly unknown chemical ingredients if they are labelled in other languages 

To check whether your hair dye is notified enter the product name HERE.

A notified cosmetic is given a notification number NOTyymmxxxxxK.   

If your hair dye is notified, congratulations! If not, why take risks? 


STEP 2 – Check product ingredients among notified hair dyes 

Hair dyes contain the longest list of harmful chemical ingredients among cosmetic products.  These are the “restricted” chemicals as per the Cosmetic Guidelines Annex III. 

Choose one with fewer chemical ingredients.  Avoid the more harmful chemical ingredients such as  

  1. Ammonia (corrosive to respiratory system through inhalation),  

  2. Paraben (increased risk of breast cancer), and  

  3. Toluene-2,5-Diamine (suspect cancer agent)  

Hair dyes with more and higher concentrations of natural ingredients nourish your hair while it is dyed. 

5 Simple Steps to Choosing your Ideal Hair Dye


STEP 3 – Consider easy-to-use hair dye  

An example is one that can be applied like shampoo without having to mix colourant and developer to ratio.  


STEP 4 – Consider one with shorter dyeing time (typically not more than 30 minutes) 

You may be presented with the idea that the longer a hair dye was on your skin, the darker the results will be. However, this is not necessarily true!

In fact, it is not a good idea to leave a hair dye longer than recommended. You will risk damaging your hair, leaving it dry and frizzy, or worse… Leaving your scalp inflamed and flaky yikes!


STEP 5 – Compare price relative to volume (RM/ml)

It’s easy to get tricked by banners indicating marked down prices on hair dye products. 

But actually, the best purchase is when you compare the price relative to the volume (RM/ml). So make sure you’ll do the math next time you want to purchase a hair dye. 

5 Simple Steps to Choosing your Ideal Hair Dye

If beautifully coloured, glossy and healthy hair is what you’re looking for, the 3-in-1 WiseStrand Hair Dye (Hair dye + Shampoo + Conditioner) will check every box! 

  1. Ministry of Health (KKM)- approved

  2. Affordable

  3. Free of harmful ingredients (NO Ammonia, NO Paraben, NO Toluene-2, 5-Diamine)

  4. Enriched with 5 fruit and herbal ingredients to nourish your hair & reduce hair loss 

  5. 100% Grey Coverage

  6. Easy-to-Use without mixing to ratio

  7. Colours hair in just 15-20 minutes.

5 Simple Steps to Choosing your Ideal Hair Dye

On top of that, this brilliant product is founded by Lisa Choa, a Sarawakian chemical engineer with 15 years of experience, after much research and stringent ingredient selection.
Visit WiseStrand’s official website or Facebook page to learn more about the product.

5 Simple Steps to Choosing your Ideal Hair Dye


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