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10 top things to do at EXPO 2020 Dubai

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EXPO 2020 Dubai is a once-in-a-lifetime event taking place from October 2021 to March 2022, and the largest of its kind to ever be held in the Middle East. It brings together participants from all over the world, with 192 nations represented in extravagant country pavilions constructed within a massive purpose-built venue located over 30 kilometres by road from Downtown Dubai.

Themed ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, EXPO 2020 Dubai is more than just an avenue for engaging talks and discussions as well as eye-opening showcases and exhibitions at the individual pavilions. It is also a place where lasting memories are made, and where friends and families can come for unique experiences that will last a lifetime.

As an accredited media at EXPO 2020 Dubai, BorneoTalk had the chance to explore this once-in-a-lifetime event, and had an amazing time at EXPO. We’ve experienced first-hand all the exciting and wonderful offerings such as only Dubai can provide, and from what we’ve personally seen, here are 10 things we recommend for you to do when you’re at EXPO 2020 Dubai:

1.   Experience Al Wasl

The centrepiece of EXPO 2020 Dubai, the Al Wasl Plaza is a magnificent giant golden dome that connects all districts and areas at EXPO. Daily shows and events here will have you immersed in spectacles of music and 360-degree projections unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Alicia Keys performed here early December last year at the ‘Infinite Nights’ show, with an upcoming show on Jan 25 to feature superstars Black Eyed Peas of the smash hit ‘Boom Boom Pow’.

10 top things to do at EXPO 2020 Dubai
~ The golden dome of the Al Wasl Plaza is the centrepiece of EXPO 2020 Dubai.


2.  Check out the country pavilions

A MUST when you visit any World Expo is to experience the country pavilions. There are 192 country pavilions to visit at EXPO 2020 Dubai, with Japan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the UAE among the popular ones. Malaysia Pavilion is a must-visit, of course.

10 top things to do at EXPO 2020 Dubai
~ The Russia Pavilion is one of the most popular, certainly among the most colourful country pavilions at EXPO.


3.  See the sunset from Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park is a beautiful world-class public space that features faux grass, a rose-covered island in the middle, and a stage shared by international artistes and performers like Armin van Buuren, Riverdance, Dimitri Vegas, as well as Malaysia’s Datuk Zainal Abidin, Syafinaz, and Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 Francisa Luhong James. The sunset is absolutely beautiful from here.

10 top things to do at EXPO 2020 Dubai
~ Jubilee Park is a beautiful venue to relax in, with a stunning sunset to match.


4.  Discover food from different corners of the globe

Try wonderful cuisines of the participating countries at their most authentic, at the respective country pavilions as well as cafés, restaurants and food stands throughout the venue. It’s the best venue to taste food from all over the world in one place.

10 top things to do at EXPO 2020 Dubai
~ Chef Orkhan Mukhtarov preparing food at the Azerbaijan Slow Food Event. You can go on a global culinary discovery while you’re at EXPO. (PHOTO: EXPO 2020 Dubai)


5.  ‘Ride’ the Sky Garden

One of many attractions is the Sky Garden, which is essentially a 55-metre-tall observation tower with a “flying park” that takes you up high for a 360-degree bird’s eye view of the EXPO.

10 top things to do at EXPO 2020 Dubai
~ The Sky Garden (left) is seen during a performance by the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team – The Red Arrows at Expo 2020. (PHOTO: EXPO 2020 Dubai)


6.  See the Water Feature

With walls of water on all sides, and steam rising from the ground in the middle, all synced to an epic soundtrack blaring off the speakers surrounding the venue, the aptly named Water Feature is one of many attractions to be found at EXPO 2020 Dubai, and is a must experience.

10 top things to do at EXPO 2020 Dubai
~ Be mesmerised by the Water Feature.


7.  Join one of the National Day celebrations

It’s one of the best ways to get to know a country better through showcases of culture, dance, and more. There’s one National Day celebration every day, taking place at the Al Wasl Plaza.

10 top things to do at EXPO 2020 Dubai
~ Mexico National Day ceremony at Al Wasl Plaza. (PHOTO: EXPO 2020 Dubai)


8.  Get your “passport” stamped

Because there are countries from all over the world represented at EXPO, it makes perfect sense for you purchase an EXPO 2020 Dubai passport from any one of the official merchandise stores inside the venue and have it stamped at the different country pavilions.

10 top things to do at EXPO 2020 Dubai
~ Get your EXPO 2020 Dubai passport stamped at the different country pavilions.


9.  Pose for the camera

The best way to remind yourself of the precious moments at EXPO is of course through photos and videos. So be sure to take lots of them when you visit the venue. There are selfie and wefie spots everywhere throughout EXPO, or you can get someone to kindly help take photos or videos of you.

10 top things to do at EXPO 2020 Dubai
~ Even if you’re not a photo person, a photo opportunity at EXPO 2020 Dubai is not to be missed.


10.  Take EXPO 2020 Dubai home with you

Speaking of official merchandise stores, you should make it a point to grab one or some official EXPO 2020 Dubai souvenir(s) for the trip back home. You can get everything from shirts and tumblers to titbits and EXPO 2020 Dubai fragrances.


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