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10 Ultimate Things to Do in Sarawak At Least Once in Your Life

With all of us cooped up at home, we certainly have so much time on our hands (besides #WFH) to plan how best to feed our wanderlust. This is why we came up with this list of 10 ultimate things to tick off your travel checklist when in Sarawak. And if you have never been to Sarawak before, we hope this will spark your interest to come to come down here because truly, there are just so much #MoreToDiscover in Sarawak.

Organic Jungle produce of Sarawak

Organic food in Sarawak has yet to pick up as a major industry, but we still have our own organic food “store and supplier” – our jungles. If you frequent the local pasar or markets, we are endowed with sellers of these organic jungle produce.

Where to Stay in Bintulu (2020 guide)

Known for its belacan (shrimp’s paste), Bintulu is another getaway to discovering Sarawak when you are in the northern part of the state. If you are planning a trip to Bintulu soon be it for business or a vacation, here are some accommodations worth checking out . . .

Pinggai Cafe

Tucked away amidst old shops and lodgings in Kuching’s Upper China Street is the jolly ol’ Pinggai Café. Rather unassuming in its appearance as seen from outside, Pinggai Café is a treasure trove of delicious Sarawakian cuisine, leaning towards typical local food enjoyed by Sarawakian households.

5 reasons why every household needs to have GWS Foodchains Sarawak Pepper

There are three factors why the best pepper comes from Sarawak: the combination of Sarawak’s hilly slopes, Sarawak’s unique soil composition and Malaysia’s tropical climate. These very factors create pepper with a very distinct flavour and aroma. Hence, putting Sarawak pepper on the international spotlight, among other pepper varieties.

Nasi Lemak you’ll get hooked on

Have you ever ordered nasi lemak and thought, “This nasi lemak needs more sambal” or “This is a child’s portion!”, or something like that? Don’t worry because you’re not alone.

Boring weekend? Head on over to Serian Wet Market

Come weekend, one question pops up in everyone’s head: “Where to go?” And a popular suggestion is: “The wet market.” Although there are many markets throughout Sarawak, only a select few truly stands out. One of them is the Serian Wet Market.

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