Ba’Kelalan: Of Rice Coffee and Salt

Ba’Kelalan is about 3,000 feet above sea level and is home to nine Lun Bawang villages. The name is derived from the Lun Bawang word Ba’ meaning wetlands and the nearby Kelalan River.

Sarawak Targets 1.2 Million Visitors in 2022

Sarawak is targeting approximately 1.2 million tourists this year as health and safety protocols are further relaxed. The arrival in December 2021 alone increased by 500% compared to December 2020.

Blue Waters of Tasik Biru

Tasik Biru, which is Malay for Blue Lake, named so because of its unnaturally blue colour, which is a result of high levels of arsenic. Tasik Biru is a man-made lake and was originally an open mining pit. Gold mining began there in 1820 by the Hakka Chinese.

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