Wildlife thrives as humans stay indoors

For months since the world was first hit by COVID-19, the media has shown us videos and images of the devastation around the world. But amidst what some call a “once in a century global health crisis”, wildlife thrives.

Around the globe, the animals are coming out in numbers, enjoying peace in places normally packed with humans, such as parks, city streets and waterways. If you haven’t seen them on social media or in the news, here are some videos and photos of animals that came out to enjoy the outdoors while people stayed in the safety of home, away from the coronavirus.

Turtle boom

Around the world, turtles came on shore to lay eggs in huge numbers as beaches became deserted, leading to a global boom in turtle population. Turtle hatchlings dug their way out of their sandy nests and raced towards the water by the millions in countries like Thailand and India. In Florida, large leatherback turtles were spotted laying eggs on the beach. Such wonderful sights of a fragile species thriving and having much better chance of survival.

Oh, deer!

In Nara, Japan, photographer Kazuki Ikeda filmed magnificent wild sika deer relaxing under beautiful cherry blossoms at Nara Park. Although the deers are always seen roaming around freely at the park, the rather magical scene captured by Kazuki is quite a sight to behold, especially with the ground fully covered in a blanket of pink Sakura flowers. It’s just the type of thing that makes you want to say, “Oh, deer!”

Meanwhile, a herd of deer was filmed in northern India as they walked the streets of Shivalik Nagar, Haridwar, in Uttarakhand during lockdown. What a breathtaking sight! Here is the LINK.

Goats take over town

The empty streets of Llandudno in Wales became home to thriving wildlife during the coronavirus lockdown. The clicking of hoofs became part of daily life at the town when it became overrun by Kashmiri goats while the local residents sit safely inside their homes. Fascinating animals, the goats came down from higher ground to feast on flowers and hedgerows at residential and commercial areas. Check them out in the video below:

Otter order

In Singapore, the much adored otters are taking to the streets and visiting places not usually known for “special appearances” by these furry critters. While their presence have been welcomed by Singapore residents, especially nature lovers, some people have not been too happy with the fact that they’ve done some damage to people’s fish ponds, feasting on highly prized Koi fish. One thing’s for sure, they’re definitely thriving!

When in Rome

Finally, in Rome, when the country went into lockdown and the streets became devoid of vehicles and pedestrians, birds took the opportunity to just… do their thing. Thriving flocks of different bird species entered the city, flocking in places normally packed with human beings. It’s certainly a beautiful sight to see.

There are many more places around the world where wildlife is just flourishing… taking full advantage of the absence of humans during the global lockdown. So have you seen a wild animal outside your window lately?

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