Why Selangor is a safe, clean destination

As states in Malaysia are gradually welcoming domestic travellers following implementation of Recovery Movement Controlled Order (RMCO) until Aug 31, Selangor too has recently doubled its appeal on providing comfort, convenience while emphasising safety and cleanliness for tourists who are planning to visit Selangor. Here are some safety and health measures that Selangor State has implemented to ensure you’ll have peace of mind when you ‘Pusing Selangor dulu!’:

Tourist police & ‘panic button’ for extra security

The State has a dedicated law enforcement unit called ‘Tourist Police’ who are stationed at popular locations such as Batu Caves, Sepang Goldcoast, KLIA, KLIA2 and in most shopping malls. 

The malls in Selangor have an ample number of CCTVs and guards to ensure the safety of its visitors. In addition to that, Sunway Pyramid has equipped its mall with a ‘panic button’ feature, so tourists can shop at ease.

With the presence of tourist polices, CCTVs and ‘panic button’ feature, tourists, especially women and solo travellers will not have to worry much over their safety when travelling in Selangor.

Clean natural attractions

Selangor is blessed with natural attractions like FRIM Kepong, Chilling Waterfalls, Chongkak Park and Resort, and Kanching Waterfalls Eco Park. As nature lovers and families often frequent them, tourists might wonder if these places are regularly maintained and cleaned. 

However, tourists don’t need to worry as these natural attractions are equipped with sufficient dustbins and are well taken care of.

FRIM Kepong
FRIM Kepong

Chilling Waterfalls
Chilling Waterfalls (photo source: www.libur.com.my)

Regular safety inspection at F&B outlets

In Selangor, MOH inspects the restaurants and F&B outlets regularly in terms of its cleanliness. Also, recently the Municipal Council of Subang jaya (MPSJ) has enforced stricter SOPs for the grading of F&B premises such as ensuring social distancing with a table distance of at least 1 metre form each other. 

Therefore, tourists visiting Selangor can feel safe and more convinced when dining in or ordering food takeout.

SElangkah (Langkah Masuk dengan Selamat) mobile application

COVID-19 contact tracing SElangkah was built to virtually track the movement of the public in effort to control the outbreak of COVID-19 in Selangor. This helps the local health department and local authority to track individuals for an efficient health screening and quarantine process. As of May 7th, there are more than 700,000 registered businesses under SElangkah application.

Hotels are embracing electronic keys & stricter SOP guidelines

Most of the accommodations in Selangor (even budget hotels) are now using electronic keys instead of conventional keys. So, no worries of unwanted contact there! Also, as per the standard SOP guidelines by Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) and MOTAC, hotel operators are required to enhance their cleaning measures of sanitising and disinfecting highly-touched areas and carry out health screening for their employees, particularly kitchen staff.

Golfing goes contactless

Some golf clubs like Kota Permai Golf & Country Club have introduced ‘contactless ball extractors’, enabling golf ball removal without the need to touch the flag stick and the hole cup.

To ensure the safety of golfers, both members and non-members must undergo a mandatory health screening, in which non-members are required to fill in Health Declaration Forms beforehand. Other measures include installing separation plastics in all buggies, allowing only 4 golfers on the tee box and implementing one-metre social distancing at all times.

Kota Permai Golf & Country Club
Kota Permai Golf & Country Club

Finally, with all the strict SOPs in place, it is evident that Selangor is a safe and clean state for all travellers to visit. So, what are you waiting for? Time to ‘Pusing Selangor dulu!’

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