What to expect during Sarawak Authors Festival 2020

Back for its third instalment, Sarawak’s Authors Festival 2020 is set to be held from Aug 27-29, 2020 (Thursday- Saturday). With the theme ‘soul’, this year’s event will focus on immersing one’s soul into producing a splendid writing. 

For the safety of everyone, all the programmes Sarawak Authors Festival 2020 will be held virtually, through Pustaka’s social media channels such as Facebook Live, and YouTube. Meanwhile, certain programmes will be held on ZOOM.

There will be 18 different activities and writing workshops held and here are some of the ones to look out for:

Sarawakiana Talk series: Seni Ukiran Perkuburan Lama Jatti Miriek

In this talk, history buffs will get to learn about the precious heritage art carving belonging to the Jatti Miriek community, a small population of indigenous people mostly found in Miri Division.

Scheduled for 10:30am on Aug 29 (Saturday) on Pustaka’s YouTube and Facebook, this talk will be given by esteemed educators from University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), Associate Prof. Dr. Yakup Mohd Rafee and Awangko’ Hamdan Awang Arshad.

Sarawakiana Talk series: Seni Ukiran Perkuburan Lama Jatti Miriek


Writing workshops

From learning how to write Hadrah lyrics, to Chinese calligraphy and Khat calligraphy, there’s plenty of writing workshops for everyone! So, have your writing kits and notebook on standby!

All these writing workshops will be held on Thursday, Aug 27, starting with the Hadrah lyrics writing workshop in the morning from 9-11am. The Chinese calligraphy workshop will be in the afternoon at 3pm followed by Khat calligraphy at 4pm.

Writing workshops


Sarawak Authors Highlight Exhibition

Readers and writers, you do not want to miss out on this! This exhibition provides you the opportunity to get to know your Sarawak authors and their works up close.

What’s more exciting is this year, Pustaka will be launching three books for dyslexic children, illustrated and written by Miri-based artist Mary Anne Vaz. The creative elements and colours in these books, namely Princess Hornbill, Leaf my friend and My Beautiful River make them suitable and interesting to capture the attention of dyslexic children.

Sarawak Authors Highlight Exhibition

There’s more of course waiting for the public for this three-day virtual stint. Other programmes include cartoon drawing workshop, forum on social media and the local publishing world (Media Sosial dan Dunia Penulisan Tanah Air; Benarkah ia Membantu?), and Pustaka Book Fair.

So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and like @pustaka.sarawak on Facebook and subscribe to @pustakasarawak on YouTube because it’s going to be an exciting virtual Sarawak Authors Festival 2020!

Sarawak Authors Festival 2020

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