What kind of traveller are you?

What is your ideal holiday? What do you look for when you go travelling? Different people have different approaches to travelling. And with that said, here is a rundown of 10 different types of travellers. See if you can find out which category/categories you fall into.

What kind of traveller are you?

The weekender

These are the people that grab every bit of opportunity available in their busy schedules. For the weekenders, there is a lot that you can do within a 48-hour period. Whether it is a beach getaway, a retreat amidst nature or a staycation at one of the resorts in town, they’ll make it happen.

Pandan Gold Coast Beach, Lundu

The pilgrim

A pilgrim is someone who travels to holy places, trails of worship, and religious shrines in pursuit of spiritual fulfilment. Every place in the world has spiritual sites of great significance to so many people of different religious beliefs in the world.

In Sarawak, sacred sites that are famous among pilgrims are Mount Singai for the Christians, and Mount Matang Maha Mariamman Temple for the Hindus.

The Catholic Memorial Pilgrimage Centre at Mount Singai, Bau
The Catholic Memorial Pilgrimage Centre at Mount Singai, Bau (@adelinaadeng)

The curious traveller

Always wanting to know about everything around them, the curious traveller values immersion and discovery of everything when they travel. This can range from arts and trends to culture and history. They like engaging themselves in traditional festivals and interacting with the natives, as ways to actively be part of the place they visit.

Sri Aman Heritage Museum
Sri Aman Heritage Museum (Fort Alice), Sri Aman

The adventurer

Adventure is a vast universe in the travelling realm. Those with an affinity for adventure openly embrace risky activities like trekking, rafting and scuba diving. Many adventure tourists aim for extreme sports and niche locations that can fuel their adrenaline rush.

In Sarawak, adventure can be found everywhere, from bamboo rafting at Upper Sarawak River and exploring the wondrous Silabur Cave in Serian, to climbing Mount Santubong and diving around Miri.

Semadang River
Semadang River, Kuching

The business traveller

Business travellers are those travel to attend meetings, exhibitions and corporate events. More often than not, they have little to no time for leisure. Their schedules are so packed that they seldom have the time to explore the places they visit other than the board rooms function halls and foyers where their business meetings and functions are held. But there’s always the option to stay an extra day or two to throw in some touristy stuff.

Sarawak Timber & SMEs Expo
Sarawak Timber & SMEs Expo

The urban traveller

These are the ones who must have those slick, gorgeous dusk-view city skyline, bright city lights or quirky alleyways as the backdrop for their selfies and travel photos. They crave the vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle and the bustling night scenes of the places they visit. They also have every iconic landmarks included in their ‘must-have photos’ list. The sounds of the city make them feel alive.

A piece by Ernest Zacharevic at Jalan Power, Kuching
Mural painting at Jalan Power, Kuching

The solo traveller

Solo travellers have a reasonable amount of self-confidence in forging their own travel experiences. They are also the ones who prefer a fuss-free experience, as they don’t need to argue with anyone about which places to visit or what food to eat. But this does not mean that they do not welcome friends they will coincidentally meet along their journey.

#backpacking (@dutch_worldtraveler)

The foodie

You know you’re a food traveller when you like to explore the local gastronomy. To eat like a local is the best way to understand their culture. For the foodie, visiting the farmer’s market, picking fruits, taking part in cooking classes and dining at restaurants serving local, authentic cuisines are what they look for when travelling.

Sarawak local foods
Sarawak local foods

The shopper

They travel the whole world just to shop. Shopaholic in nature, they are most likely to have a long list of things to buy when they reach their vacation destination, from branded bags to limited edition fashion items. For the shoppers, an extra luggage is a must – you’ll never know if there are additional items to bring home!

Vivacity Megamall
Vivacity Megamall, Kuching (@jacksonpang5077)

The collector 

These people have trained their eye to see the uncommon and exceptional items that you won’t find elsewhere. Whether it is a seashell, an airline/train ticket or an antique, all these can become personal souvenirs for the collector. For them, these items have a sentimental value that allows them to remember that specific time, place and feeling.

Tribal Bag
Tribal Bag

Now that you’ve read about the different types of travellers, which type of traveller do you think you are?

photo source: freepik

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