What do you love about Sarawak?

There are many reasons to love Sarawak. Some say it’s the diversity, others appreciate the laid-back lifestyle, while there are those who have an affinity to its magical rainforests. In essence, all of us have our own reason(s) why we love this magnificent place called Sarawak.

In conjunction with Sarawak Day today (July 22), we have asked some BorneoTalkers to tell us why they love Sarawak. Here are their responses:


“I love Sarawak for our food to celebrate cultural diversity, like my husband would say, “in Sarawak, every meal is a celebration!” It truly brings out the positive perspectives of different cultures and unites every ethnicity to learn about each other.” – Esme Wong, Pianist, from United States of America.


“What I love about Sarawak is the people are always friends and everybody knows one another. If I don’t know a person, my friend would. That’s the beauty of this lovable State. I find comfort in Sarawak in many ways – the people, food, culture, environment, places. It is home.” – Jonathan Ding from Kuching


“I love Sarawak for her diversity and uniqueness, from its melting pot of cultures, to being home to vast amounts of flora and fauna as well as its plethora of food, which are not found anywhere else in the world.” – Tien Yii Foong from London, United Kingdom.


“The potpourri of cultures. It simply suffuses the senses – the sights, the scents, the tastes….” – Prisca Chambers, former principal of St Mary’s Secondary School, Kuching


“I love Sarawak simply because it’s home. And there is no place like home. And there is no home like Sarawak.
          “Being a part of Borneo Island within Malaysia makes it unique not only in Malaysia but also in the world.
          “Apart from its amazing natural landscapes, flora and fauna, it’s also the people that make Sarawak a gem of a land.
          “A role model in preserving social harmony, Sarawak is a worthy contender in various areas. It is a national pioneer for e-government; a sports powerhouse producing the likes of Olympian Pandelela; Sarawak’s capital city has won numerous national and international awards in urban development; and many more.” – Rosalind Yang ak Misieng, Deputy CEO of AZAM, Kuching


“A hidden gem in the Island of Borneo. A haven of natural landscapes with vast richness in biodiversity, cultures, food, history and unity. That is what I call my home, Sarawak.” – Emelyn Ho, Author of The Journey To Becoming Fearless, from Kuching.


“What I love about Sarawak is that besides its unique culture and ethnic diversity, the state has so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Even as a local, I still have so much things to be checked off on my #RaonRaonSarawak bucket list. I’m so excited to explore the deeper parts of Sarawak and learn more about my beautiful State.” – Fatin Takun from Cairo, Egypt.


“Reason to love Sarawak? Everything you need is literally just a stone’s throw away (literally). Another reason? No tolls!” – Nazmi Amir from Kuala Lumpur.


“Despite differences in ethnicity, religion and culture, we have been living in peace, respecting and interacting with each other for decades. Happy Sarawak Day!” – Nurul Aleesya Binti Muhd Ali Imran & Adwa Muhaimin Binti Muhd Ali Imran from Kuching.


“What I truly love about Sarawak is of course the culture and the acceptance of other people’s cultures! We live as one, all for 1, our beloved Sarawak🥰. – Nur Affida Binti Sufian from Kuching.


“I love Sarawak because of its uniqueness that can’t be found in any other place. People from different ethnics and religions live harmoniously and we have shown and proven that diversity can be a cause for unify. Sarawak is a place like no other. Kamek sayang Sarawak.” – Udzma Qaleesya Rithauddin from Kuching.

Juria Anak Geoffery

“Kamek suka negeri Sarawak sebab Sarawak ada pelbagai traditions and culture, pelbagai bangsa dan agama…. Sarawak juga terkenal dari segi makanan seperti kek lapis, laksa Sarawak dan ayam pansoh.” – Juria Anak Geoffery from Kuching.


“We are still the main reason why tourists come to Malaysia. They come here to experience the region’s beauty and biodiversity. With several national parks, protected areas and sanctuaries, Sarawak attracts tourist with its landscapes and biodiversity.
          The adventure of exploring the unexplored, seeing the unseen and stepping into a world few have the opportunity to witness. From the indigenous tribes to the deep interior and abundance of wildlife; a world-class adventure!” – Syful Mirza bin Alluwie from Kuching.


“Sarawak is rich with different cultures and very polite people. Sarawak has an amazing array of natural sights to see. We Love Sarawak.” – Nur Shyzafie Izzati Binti Rapee and daughter Qayreen Assyifa Bt Nur Izmad from Kuching.


“Sarawak is well known as the land of the hornbills… It is rich with culture, food, traditions and harmony among the people…” – Rapee Bin Ahmad Sahari from Kuching.


“As a Sarawakian, there’s so much I love about Sarawak. But one thing I love most is how the people preserve their own culture and heritage, though there’s so many ethnic groups here. The variety makes us beautiful.” – Patricia from Lawas.


“Why I love Sarawak? What’s not to love? It’s a place unlike any other. People of different ethnicity living together in perfect harmony, the amazing wilderness, the culture, the exquisite food. It’s just pure uniqueness. I love Sarawak!” – Alicia Ng, SNR Programme Officer – Community Engagement and Education, WWF Malaysia


“I love Sarawak because Sarawak has been home to a wide range of cultures and diverse groups of people.
         Likewise, diversity in ethnic are exemplified by scrumptious food, beautiful handicrafts and not to forget the magnificent wilderness and nature. Happy Sarawak Day!” – Dyean from Bintulu.

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