What are you doing first this RMCO?

After 3 months of having limited movements, the time we’ve been waiting for has arrived! We can finally go out whenever we want and do more things that we normally do before the pandemic changed our lives. That is of course, subject to Standard Operations Procedures (SOP) introduced by the Government.

Now as Malaysia enters the second week of the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) and more businesses have reopened, here are some of the first few things Malaysians are doing this RMCO:


Getting a haircut

The news that we have all been waiting for! Hair salons and barber shops have been given the green light to reopen! After three months of social distancing and staying home, our hairs have gotten too long and increasingly unkempt that it’s starting to annoy us. Before RMCO, some men resorted to reaching for the scissors and trimmers to give themselves a haircut, with varying outcomes.

Now, we can finally book an appointment with our favourite hairdresser for a fresh cut, without worrying if one side of the hair is longer than the other.


Book flight tickets

We all have seen it. The TikTok videos of people carrying their luggage on their treadmills, pretending as if it was a travellator at an airport terminal. Honestly, who doesn’t miss travelling, especially those who experience cabin fever after 3 months of isolation? Now that travel deals are emerging like crazy this RMCO, we can’t help but click on the ‘buy’ button to realise our #travellater dreams!


Balik kampung

The Conditional MCO (CMCO) happened during a time of major festivities in Malaysia. We had to celebrate Hari Raya, Gawai and Kaamatan at home and couldn’t go visiting.

Although the Government allowed celebrations to take place on the first day, for a group of maximum 20 people who are immediate family members only, we sure miss the feeling of ‘balik kampung’ (going back to the village) to see our extended families. Now during RMCO, we can finally ‘balik kampung’ since state and district travel restrictions have been lifted up.


Ngopi” at kopitiams

After months of just video calling each other from home, we are finally allowed to catch up with our friends at our favourite kopitiams! Nothing beats the feeling of seeing each other in person, right? But looking back, MCO has taught us that we should cherish our friends and family, as their presence makes our life more meaningful.

So, what were the first things you did this RMCO?


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