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It is really interesting to see how the Movement Control Order (MCO) has brought out the inner chef in most of us. Scroll over your Facebook news feed right now and we bet you will see at the very least one or two post(s) about some sort of cake or dessert someone is making for teatime or breakfast at home. Before you know it, more and more people start making the same delicious food or sweet treats.

Yes people, since the MCO started on March 18, many cooking and baking trends have popped up on social media. One week it would be doughnuts, another week it would be curry puff. That said, here’s a look at eight trending recipes on social media since the MCO was first announced.

Sarawak Laksa

This was one of the earlier trending recipes posted by social media users on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Suddenly on one weekend, everyone was cooking this iconic Sarawakian noodle dish, dubbed “Breakfast of the Gods” by the late New York-based celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. Although mostly made using store-bought laksa spice paste, replicating the café style Sarawak Laksa taste at home is still a challenge. Congratulations to those who managed to get it done just right! Try it out yourself:


This classic Iban fried cake made using rice flour, wheat flour, water and local palm sugar (gula apong) is a highly popular trending recipe on social media during the MCO, especially Facebook. This sweet and fragrant cake is the perfect teatime treat that goes perfectly with hot coffee or tea. Give it a try:


This delicious Chinese deep-fried dough stick is traditionally eaten at breakfast with rice porridge or soy milk. Here, it is also called You Char Kway or Cakoi. It’s just as delicious as is, or with a cup of Kopi ‘O’ (black coffee with sugar). Here’s how you can make your own youtiao at home:


We Malaysians love our cucur (fritters). This deep-fried flour batter was one of the first few trending recipes to hit the social media after the MCO was announced. Depending on your preference, you may add anchovies, scallions, carrots or prawns. You can even make sweet ones with banana or coconut milk and sugar. Here’s a simple recipe for homemade Cucur Udang (scallion and prawn fritters):

Curry Puff

This is a classic favourite. A good curry puff is crunchy on the outside, with a delicious chicken potato curry filling inside. The beauty of having this homemade is that you can make them according to your desired size, as long as they are not too big, that is. Want to make this at home? Lauren’s got the perfect recipe for Nonya style Curry Puff:

Banana Bread

Honestly, who doesn’t love banana bread? Even better if it’s homemade! Banana bread is a more recent trending recipe that has got everyone busy in the kitchen this MCO. It’s made with, you guessed it – bananas, along with the usual suspects like eggs, flour, sugar and butter, among other ingredients. Its unique taste and aroma are like a beacon you just cannot help but be drawn towards. Want to bake a banana bread? Chef Anna Olson has the perfect recipe:

Butter Cake

Nothing beats a simple, sweet smelling, rich tasting butter cake. This is kind of a newly trending recipe that has got everyone busy baking away at home. Just remember to get your measurements right because there is no “to taste” in baking. Do it wrong and you will end up with a burnt outside and an uncooked batter inside. But that should not stop you from trying again until you get it right. Check out this brilliant butter cake recipe from Gracious Treatz:


Now this one has been a trending recipe for several weeks already since the MCO announcement. The thing with doughnut is that it can be delicious just on its own, without adding any glaze or filling. And making your own doughnut at home makes eating it even more rewarding. Want to learn how to make doughnuts? In this YouTube video, Thomas Joseph shares his recipe for perfectly puffy doughnuts:

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