Trailer released for ‘Edge of the World’ filmed in Sarawak

Edge of the World

The much-awaited movie based on the story of Sarawak’s White Rajah, Sir James Brooke just dropped its trailer and is set for its premiere on digital platforms in the UK this June 21.

Hollywood-produced, Made in Sarawak movie

Made with the support of Sarawak Tourism Board, with The Brooke Heritage Trust as the film’s technical advisory, ‘Edge of the World’ was filmed entirely in Sarawak’s beautiful rainforest, amidst jungles, rivers, national parks, authentic longhouses, and historic towns of Sarawak. 

Edge of the World
Director of Brooke Trust Jason Brooke (left), Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture Sarawak Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah (second-left) and Hii Chang Kee, Permanent Secretary to MTAC Sarawak (most-right) sporting a photo with one of the local actors.

One of the historic towns used as the movie’s set was Siniawan, where BorneoTalk paid a visit in October 2019.

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From ‘Rajah’ to ‘Edge of the World’

Previously known as ‘Rajah’, Edge of the World is played by Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyer (The Tudors) as the Rajah, alongside Hong Kong actress Josie Ho, and Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings) as Colonel Arthur Crookshank, Brooke’s comrade. 

Team BorneoTalk with Jonathan Rhys Meyer and Dominic Monaghan
Team BorneoTalk with Jonathan Rhys Meyer and Dominic Monaghan

The movie will also star Malaysian actors Bront Palarae as Pengiran Indera Mahkota, Shaheizy Sam as the Rajah’s Malay Companion, as well as Sarawakian actors Peter John and Kahar Jimi. 

BorneoTalk’s Ashley Pan with Shaheizy Sam

According to its producer Rob Allyn, the reason why the Hollywood-produced movie changed its title to ‘Edge of The World’ is to appeal more to a broader audience. He also mentioned the audiences would be intrigued to discover the unspoilt beauty of Sarawak’s forests and cultures  just from watching the trailer.

Trailer released for ‘Edge of the World’ filmed in Sarawak
Josie Ho (centre) with Dalton Yeo (fourth-left)

And guess who are the other Sarawak talents who appeared as extras in the movie? Dalton Yeo, Ida Tang and Dunstun Luthur! Woohoo!

Edge of the World
Bront Palarae (middle) with Dunstun Luthur (right)


Release dates in the US, Malaysia, and worldwide

‘Edge of World’ is also planned for its United States’ release (on major digital platforms like iTunes and Amazon) through Samuel Goldwyn Films this June 4. 

There is no exact date yet on when ‘Edge of the World’ will be released in Malaysia. However, negotiations are currently taking place for the movie’s release in Malaysia’s cinemas (depending on the pandemic’s situation) and major streaming platforms. 

The rest of the world’s movie release is to follow thereafter. 

Are you excited to see ‘Edge of the World’? 

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