Top 8 rated lunch spots in Miri

Don’t know what to have for lunch in Miri? Fret not! Because this list will save you the trouble from scrolling through long reviews of Miri foodie places in Google!



Restoran Muara

Their signature dish, Nasi Lalapan here has been the talk of town since forever. In case you don’t know what lalapan is, it is rice served together with an assortment of vegetables, crispy fried chicken and sambal belacan. Have it together with a glass of three-layered tea.

Top 8 rated lunch spots in Miri - Restoran Muara
Nasi Lalapan

Address: Jalan Pala, 98000 Miri, Sarawak. Tel: +60 10 408 5526
Opening hours: 8am-10:30pm daily
Halal, $$

Selera Rasa Segar

What’s unique about Selera Rasa Segar is its Nasi Lemak. It is served with various combinations of side dishes from rendang to ayam percik and sambal sotong. You can also try the colourful Nasi Kerabu! 

Top 8 rated lunch spots in Miri - Selera Rasa Segar
Nasi Lemak

Address: Jalan Royal, 98000 Miri, Sarawak. Tel: +60 13 894 9082
Opening hours: Open 24 hours dailiy
Halal, $$

Madli’s Restaurant

Probably the best satay restaurant in Miri as Madli’s satay is a passed-down family recipe. There are also a variety of dishes such as fried rice and mee mamak.

Top 8 rated lunch spots in Miri - Madli’s Restaurant

Address: Lot 1088, Ground Floor, Jalan Merpati, 98000 Miri, Sarawak. Tel: +60 85 426 615
Opening hours: 10am-12am (Monday-Thursday), 9am-12am (Friday-Sunday)
Halal, $$

Ani Sup Utara

Specialising in soupy meals, Ani Sup Utara is the perfect place for soup lovers. It sells a variety of soups that you can eat with your rice. We’re talking about beef soup, chicken soup, ox-tail soup, tendon soup and so much more! 

Top 8 rated lunch spots in Miri - Ani Sup Utara

Address: 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
Opening hours: 9am-11pm daily
Halal, $$


Lao Yang Dim Sum

As you can guess from the name, dim sums are a huge hit at Lao Yang. Another must-try menu is their century egg porridge when you come here. 

Lao Yang Dim Sum at Krokop, Miri

Address: 2450-2452, Jalan Dato Permaisuri, 98000 Miri, Sarawak. Tel: +60 85 491 943
Opening hours: 7am-2pm; 6-10pm (Wednesday-Monday)
Closed on Tuesdays
Non-halal, $$


Ming Xin Coffee House

Ming Xin Coffee House’s specialty is also dim sum. However, what’s unique about the dim sum and the overall menu here is that they’re friendly to Muslim patrons. Other fulfilling meals include chicken chop and beef in ginger. 

Address: Lot 1623, Ground Floor, Technip Building, 1, Jalan Miri Pujut, 98000 Miri, Sarawak. Tel: +60 85 628 839
Pork-free, $$$


Kafe Ikhwan 

Kafe Ikhwan serves all sorts Malay style buffet menu. Besides their famous Nasi Ayam, Fridays are a special day at Ikhwan. Only on Friday, patrons can expect special cuisines like Laksam, Laksa Penang and others delicacies that are not usually served on a normal day.

Kafe Ikhwan at Miri

Address: Bandar Baru Permy Jaya, 98107, 98000 Miri, Sarawak. Tel: +60 13 655 9691
Opening hours: 7am-6pm daily
Halal, $


Life Café Miri

You cannot go wrong with any of the signature noodles and dumplings offered at this classic Chinese tea house! The noodles come in four options: spinach noodle, round noodle, wide noodle and vermicelli, where you can pair the noodles with your soup selection. Some few best sellers at Life Cafe include Ginseng chicken soup with red dates, Lam special noodle soup and ‘Pearl’ fried chicken dumpling. 

Address: Unit A-G-21, Miri Times Square, Marina Parkcity, 98000 Miri, Sarawak. Tel: +60 85 326 167
Opening hours: 10am-11pm daily

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