Top 5 healthy brunch dishes to start the day

The trendiest restaurants are always on the lookout. And there’s a reason why Heyday Cafe is still hot on people’s radar’s even now.

Brunch can present a difficult choice when picking your dish when you’re on-the-go, or missed breakfast.

Here’s some of our favourite dishes that helps you start your day the right way!

Eggs Benedict
So easy to get wrong, Heyday make it just right. Runny egg yolk and satin hollandaise sauce drizzled across the plate are a welcome sight. It’s no wonder this is their signature dish!
Drink: Can’t go wrong with cold pressed Orange Juice! The acidity helps to accentuate the hollandaise.

Club Sandwich
A classic that won’t go out of fashion, the Club Sandwich features two toasted soft white bread housing tender ham, grilled cheese and fresh crispy lettuce and tomato. A side of fries accompanies if you’re not full by then! Perfect if you need something quick and easy!
Drink: A cappuccino will give you the boost you’re looking for those long meetings!

Chicken Caesar Salad
We know that feeling when you need to watch the waistline. A simple but effective salad can keep the hunger pangs at bay with a balanced nutritious meal. Served with lettuce, hard-boiled egg, grilled chicken, croutons and topped with parmesan cheese, we think you’ll love this as a healthy option!
Drink: Pearl of the Orient or Osmanthus Sencha are refreshing, great as cleansers. Even better that they’re 0 calories!

Heyday Breakfast
The heavy fitter of the bunch, this is fit as a lumberjack’s breakfast plate. You’re looking at two sunnyside up eggs, a chicken sausage, a chicken ham slice, grilled chicken, wild mushrooms, and a slice of toast with house salad, a hash brown and baked beans on the side. If you’ve missed breakfast and could eat a horse, spare the horse and go for this. It’ll keep you topped up throughout the day!
Drink: You’ll need something to wash down the food, and what better than a long black! Go for Latte if in need of a milkier alternative.

Aglio Olio with Wild Mushrooms
If you’re vegan, the Aglio Olio with Wild Mushrooms is perfect for you. Originating from Napes, Italy, the dish is cooked to satisfaction with the garlicky spaghetti perfectly al dente coated with a light glaze of olive oil. Not too filling, but enough to last until late afternoon. Buono.
Drink: The vibrant Immune Booster is packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals – an effective pick-me-up!

And there you have it! Your brunch problems solved next time you’re in iCom Square!

Let us know what you thought, or tag us on Instagram next time you try it!

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