Top 5 food to eat in Siniawan

Siniawan has a reputation for offering delicious gastronomic spreads on the weekends. Just go to Siniawan once the sun has set and you’ll see its street come to life with dangling red lanterns and stalls selling all kinds of food that will tantalise your taste-buds.


Although most of them are non-halal, there are also Malay stalls selling halal and Muslim-friendly dishes. That said, here are some must-eat foods in Siniawan:

Ngoh Hiang

Named after the Chinese five spice powder, which gives the rolls its unique flavour, Ngoh Hiang is deep fried roll with vegetables and seasoned minced pork wrapped in a beancurd skin. Usually served with chilli sauce dip, this perfect combination will make you crave for more.

Ngoh Hiang at Siniawan


Manok Pansoh (Bamboo Chicken)

A trip to Siniawan would not be complete without trying the Bidayuh version of this traditional and popular delicacy. The chicken meat is cooked together with ingredients such as lemongrass, garlic, salt, tapioca leaves and ginger inside hollow bamboo cane.

Manok Pansoh at Siniawan


Ang Ku Kueh (Red Tortoise Cake)

In for dessert? Have a bite of this iconic Nyonya delicacy! Moulded into the shape of a tortoise’s shell and red in colour – signifying prosperity amongst the Chinese – you would recognise it instantly. Made of glutinous rice flour with mung bean filling, the round shaped dessert is placed on banana leaf. The sticky sweet dessert will be the delight of your Siniawan trip!

Ang Ku Kueh at Siniawan


Lokan bakar

Lokan bakar is a special menu you should try when in Siniawan. Lokan is a large species of clam that thrives in coastal mudflats. Plump and juicy, the lokan bakar sold here is served with a delicious chilli dip. Get them while they’re cooked fresh on the spot!

Lokan bakar and satay at Siniawan


Cha kueh

Another famous dish at Siniawan Night Market is the cha kueh or fried white radish cakes. Depending on your preference, you can have it salty or sweet. The typical cha kueh is stir fired with lard, preserved vegetable, and egg, and flavoured with soy sauce. For the sweet version, sweet soy is added – although some prefer to add gula apong (local palm sugar), which lends it richness and fragrance in addition to the sweetness.

Char away at Siniawan


So, what are you waiting for? Add Siniawan Night Market to your #RaonRaonSarawak bucket-list now!

Siniawan Night Market takes place every Friday-Sunday starting 6pm onwards.

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