Things to do in Serian – 2021 Ultimate Guide

Once part of Samarahan Division, Serian went on to become a division on its own on Apr 11, 2015. Its capital Bandar Serian (Serian Town), located over 60km from Kuching city, is developing at a rapid pace and aspires to become a city in the not-so-distant future. Serian is home to many notable tourist attractions. But before we go on, let’s get to know Serian a bit better, shall we?


About Serian

Spread over 2,039.9 square kilometres of land, Serian Division includes the districts of Serian and Tebedu as well as the sub-district of Siburan. The Bidayuh people make up over 60% of the total population here, while others are Iban, Chinese and Malay.

The famous mountain Bung Sadung (Mount Sadung) rises majestically over its capital town and surrounding villages. It provides a dramatic backdrop to the bustling town centre, which becomes especially packed with people on weekends and during festive seasons.

Over the years, Serian has grown tremendously. The famous Serian roundabout has now been replaced with a massive flyover while the lively Serian Piazza has become the new heartbeat of the ever-growing Serian town.

But despite the growth over the years, Serian remains a charming destination whose people still stick to tradition while moving together in tandem with the world around them.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about Serian, let’s take a look at some of the things to do when you come here for a visit.

See crocodiles and other wild animals

See crocodiles up-close at Jong’s Crocodile Farm in Siburan, the finest and largest captive breeding crocodile farm in Malaysia. The highlight is the feeding demonstrations at 11am and 3pm daily.

You can also learn about the notorious legendary white backed crocodile Bujang Senang at the crocodile museum and see hundreds of other animals throughout the farm, including gigantic Arapaima gigas fish from the Amazon basin. A must-visit, for sure!  Here is the link to discover more about Jong’s Crocodile Farm & Zoo

Pose with the King of Fruits

Serian is well known for producing some of the best durian around. So it’s no surprise that the statues of the King of Fruits can be found here. There’s one located by the roadside as you are entering Serian Town.

Another, bigger statue of the durian fruit can be found at a small roundabout in front of Roxy Hotel at Serian Piazza. The silver coloured durian statue is now the new icon of Serian Town, with many visitors taking photos in front of the statue and posting the photos on social media.

Visit Serian Wet Market

Don’t forget to visit Serian’s bustling wet market that comes alive on weekends, when people from other parts come to buy jungle produce and other unique finds such as river fish, giant freshwater prawns, smoked catfish and local handicrafts, among many other things.  Here is the link to Boring weekend? Head on over to Serian Wet Market”

Serian Wet Market

Ranchan Recreational Park

Cool off at Serian’s famous Ranchan Recreational Park. The highlight here is the series of waterfalls that attract locals and visitors looking for a dip in their cool water. It is also a popular spot for family picnics by the pristine river and a great place for a scenic walk in the woods. A restaurant, cafés and accommodation are available also.

Things to do in Serian – 2021 Ultimate Guide : Ranchan Recreational Park

Family fun at KLB Garden

Spend a wonderful weekend with the family at KLB Garden in Tebedu. This attraction, which opened in 2018, lets you learn about the history of Tebedu and the people of Borneo.

There are many things to enjoy here, including swimming pool, rabbit farm and playground. Go cycling throughout the garden, feed the animals or go boating. Food and accommodation are available for the convenience of visitors.

Things to do in Serian – 2021 Ultimate Guide : Family fun at KLB Garden

Silabur Cave

If you love caving and James Cameron’s Avatar, then you will love Silabur Cave in Kampung Tebakang. Its brilliant hues and fantastical formations create a magical atmosphere within the cave. Bioluminescent life hanging from the cave ceiling give out sparkly blue lights when it get dark, transforming the cave into an Avatar-like environment.

Things to do in Serian – 2021 Ultimate Guide : Silabur Cavephoto by dazzle

Kampung Mongkos Longhouse

This Bidayuh longhouse is located near the Malaysia-Indonesia and is the place to visit if you are looking for an authentic cultural experience. Traditional dance, ethnic food, jungle trekking and waterfall trips are just some of the activities to be expected. Prior booking is necessary.

Kampung Mongkos Longhouse at Serian

Skuduk Paddy Field

Head to Kampung Skuduk in Siburan and witness stunning views of the vast paddy field with mountains in the backdrop. Go at sunrise and if it’s possible, stay until sunset for jaw-dropping sceneries unlike any other place in Sarawak. The Skuduk Paddy Field is a hotspot for photography enthusiasts and Instagrammers, so that’s saying a lot about this beautiful place!

Skuduk Paddy Field

Kampung Panchor Hot Spring

Not that far from the Skuduk Paddy Field is another famous destination – Kampung Panchor Hot Spring. Located in the village of Panchor, this naturally occurring hot spring attracts scores of visitors to come dip their feet in its healing waters. The hot spring is well maintained, with sheds built around it to keep you out of the blazing sun.

Kampung Panchor Hot Spring at Serian

Enjoy Serian!

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