Therapeutic activities to try at home

We are living in an era where all of us are so overwhelmed with the demands of the fast-changing digitised world, that it’s hard to practise self-care. While technology has made everything more convenient for us, we all need to take a little step back once in a while just to stay sane.

One way to do that is to get busy, without having to turn to any battery-powered devices. In case you need some TLC (tender, loving and care), these activities can even relieve the stress and pressure of modern living.

1.  Knitting and crocheting

Arts and crafts such as crocheting can be more than just something fun to do when you are bored. In fact, immersing yourselves in the activity can also be a soothing experience. 

Therapeutic activities to try at home like Knitting and crochetingphoto source: getty images

A common scenario is that knitters often go through intense periods of work, continuing their projects without breaks in between. This is because focussing on repetitive motions, and counting rows help put your mind at ease. It is a form of therapy whereby you are able to express yourself by choosing what colour and type of yarn you prefer to work on. 


2.  Caring for plants

We all wake up on the wrong side of the bed at some point in life. When that happens, our whole day just doesn’t feel right. But there’s a way to turn things around, and that is to surround ourselves with plants, care for them, and talk to them. 

Therapeutic activities to try at home like caring for plantsphoto source: solorganix.com

If you have no plants around the house – which would be quite bizarre – it’s time to go buy some! 

Been wanting to get some house plants but you’re just so overwhelmed with the choices out there? Check this out! It is cute, stylish and is the perfect size for beginner planters. https://www.borneotalk.com/sub-store/sub-christmas-at-home/o-christmas-tree/ 


3.  Free form painting

Free form painting is commonly recommended by therapists for their patients to try. It is one way to help people with depression and anxiety deal with strong emotions, thoughts and experiences. 

Therapeutic activities to try at home like Free form paintingphoto source: zilkerelementaryart.blogspot.com

Also, just because some of us are not experts enough in the painting department, doesn’t mean that we can’t give this art form a try. There’s no rule to free-form painting.  You can flick, splatter, and just experiment by letting your paintbrush and watercolours run free on that blank canvas. 

At the end of the day, you’ll get a masterpiece that you can hang on an empty wall in your house. Who knows, you might even discover the artistic maestro within you? 


4.  Origami 

Ever wondered why kindergarten teachers integrate origami in their lessons? It is because the act of folding paper has the power to calm restless children, and polish their creativity.

origamiphoto source: www.kidadl.com

The gentle Japanese art form of folding paper, origami, is a great form that exercises the mind and delights the soul. From a single sheet of paper, you can create various shapes such as birds, boats and houses. Depending on how much of an expert you are, these shapes may appear in two-dimensional or three-dimensional forms.

During the first few attempts at creating an origami, it’s easy to give up, especially if you messed up one of the steps. But with patience and after a couple of tries, a successful origami will put a big smile on your face, having succeeded making one. 


5.  Creating collages

If painting or knitting are not your thing, creating collages might interest you. It doesn’t even require any artistic skills and any rational sense. In fact, making a collage is an intuitive process. 

Creating collagesphoto source: createyourownhappy.co.uk

Whether it is mixed-media collage, quilt collage or tissue collage, collages spark new ideas, stimulate new thoughts and refresh your weary soul, because the process of cutting out, assembling, patching or gluing various images into a brand new picture can help release subconscious thoughts and emotions, which eventually leads to a happier you.

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