The Science behind Wellness

The secret of wellness begins from a rich biodiversity. The value of botanical extracts and their benefits for wellbeing have been a known fact among Indigenous cultures over centuries. In July, Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) celebrates the second anniversary of its iconic brand, the LitSara® natural personal care product range developed through its benefit sharing partnership with indigenous communities in Borneo Highlands. This exotic scent from the oldest tropical rainforest in the world has an aromatic tropical wilderness fragrance, complemented with a citrusy hint that instantly conjures a rush of exhilarating olfactory experience, instinctively rejuvenating the body, mind and soul. As the saying goes, ‘Mother Nature has the best to offer’.

Unlocking the secret to Wellness through indigenous traditional Knowledge – As the native dwellers of Borneo Rainforest, the significance of botanical value is deeply entrenched within Sarawak’s Indigenous communities’ culture and cuisine. However, making a business case for biodiversity conservation and protection continues to be a global challenge. The Litsara story is one that epitomises sheer passion between SBC’s scientists and a strong bond established with indigenous communities. A decade long collaborative dialogue on access & benefit sharing and documentation of indigenous traditional knowledge (TK) – gave birth to an essential oil that is truly unique to Borneo. The trademarked LitSara® pure essential oil is awarded with a GI patent.

Power of Borneo’s Pure natural Essential oils – For natural and organic enthusiasts seeking alternatives to wellness and health, the LitSara® essential oils product range promises a 100% pure, natural premium-quality essential oils that are free from synthetic chemicals, pesticides, solvents and additives.

Just add one or two drops of the LitSara® essential oil into your aromatherapy diffuser, massage oil or even a few extra drops into your bath tub for a hot soak. Added with a touch of Lavender essential oil drops, this potent combination provokes a distinct exotic scent that is sure to ignite an uplifting therapeutic surge as it awakens your senses.

If you are an outdoor junkie, the LitSara® Air Freshener spray or the LitSara® Sniff Jar, which comes in an easy to carry, pocket size canister, is a perfect companion. Over centuries, indigenous communities in Borneo Highlands use the fruits of the Litsea Cubeba plant to enhance the flavour of their cuisine while the leaves as insect repellent. They would just pluck a few leaves, crush them with their palms and rub them all over their hands and body to repel insects. So, with every spritz of the LitSara® Air Freshener spray, be ready to lift your spirit with a totally refreshing scent and at the same time repel insects!

Handpicked with love and Commitment to quality – Harvested through Good Wild Practice, the aromatic Litsara pure essential oil is extracted through distillation from Litsea Cubeba leaves and fruits handpicked with love by men and women of the indigenous communities. The plant grows naturally in the soil rich foliage spread across the hills of the cool, breathtaking Borneo Highlands. The LitSara® essential oil comes from five villages – the Kelabit community of Pa’Ukat and Pa’Lungan in the Kelabit Highlands; Long Kerebangan and Long Telingan of the Lun Bawang community in Lawas and the Bidayuh community of Kampung Kiding in the Padawan Range. Apart from its exotic scent, the Litsea Cubeba is famed for its antimicrobial and medicinal properties to treat stomach ailments and backaches among the highland communities.

The distilled essential oil is flown hundreds of miles across the highlands to SBC’s Research Centre in Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, where it undergoes a rigorous quality control process under the supervision of a team of scientists. Incessant scientific enquiry led to the release of LitSara®’s personal care product range that includes body wash, shampoo and handmade bath soap with natural ingredients.

World Class research – As a leading scientific research centre in Borneo, SBC’s mission is ‘to decode Biodiversity for the benefit of mankind’. Its ongoing international research collaborations include breakthroughs in creating compounds for aquaculture, compounds that fight malaria, ongoing study on TK plant properties for cancer cure potential, and R&D Bioprospecting for unique applications in healthcare, agriculture, and industries.

Buy litSara® and support Borneo Biodiversity conservation – For every purchase of the LitSara®, the proceeds will be shared equitably with the participating Borneo Highland indigenous communities.

Where to get a litSara® Visit the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre Booth at the rainforest World music Festival, Sarawak (13th to 15th July 2018) For more information and online purchase: www.litsara.com & www.sbc.org.my

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