The new normal: Readjusting to the life after COVID-19

If there is one thing that is certain in life after COVID-19, it’s that change happens frequently, and is beyond our prediction. The pandemic has disrupted our way of life and we are now slowly adjusting to a new normal.

What’s “new normal” to you? For some, it could mean a change in their way of doing business, or how they approach life. For some, the pandemic presents them a chance to relieve all great things in life, such as a father who can now spend more precious time with his family like never before, when he had to leave for months for work. Let’s take a look at the changes the pandemic has had on our daily life:


wear mask during COVID-19photo source: freepik

Mask on and hand sanitiser stocked!

Who would’ve thought that 2020 would become a year where everyone would be wearing masks and carrying hand sanitisers when we go out in public? 

Although soap and water are proven to be more effective than hand sanitisers, some public places do not provide them. Therefore, it’s best to have your sanitisers within reach always!


Changes to work and study life after COVID-19photo source: freepik

Changes to work and study

Schools and universities all around the world have shifted to online classes, while most employers have embraced the idea of having their staff work from home. Gatherings in large groups such as conferences and festivals have also been postponed to later dates.

During COVID-19, approaching school and work virtually seems safer and more practical. 


social distancing during COVID-19photo source: freepik

Socialising means social distancing

Previously, Malaysians can just make a phone call for that #lepakmamak (hanging out at mamak food shops) session with friends. But now that we are all social distancing, we must minimise possible physical contact.

If there is a need to socialise physically, measures must always be taken such as maintaining a distance of one metre apart from each other. Handshakes and hugs are a big NO NO.


Online shopping and delivery services
photo source: freepik

Online shopping and delivery services

Having our temperature checked, personal details taken, and hands sanitised before entering any shop and food premises mean a lot of waiting time, sucking the fun and enjoyment out of shopping and dining out. Choose online shopping experience and delivery services like Go Eat Sarawak, Lyfe and Helpy instead. Time and energy saved there!


Road trips, less air travelphoto source: freepik

More road trips, less air travel

Travel restrictions (especially international travel) will probably not end so soon. While we miss travelling, this is the time for all of us to help our local tourism operators to get back on their feet. Go hike at the nearest National Park, or go on a weekend staycation at any local accommodation you know of.

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No doubt these are a handful of precautionary measures we have to take in this time of pandemic. But life goes on, and the best thing we can do at the moment is to move on and learn to adapt to the new normal.

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