The funny things the MCO is doing to people

If there is anything that this #MCO period has proven, is that the Internet really is a fun place to be. Across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok, people have been showing their creativity and doing their best to lighten the mood in times of uncertainty. These lighthearted videos and posts show us that the partial lockdown has helped us discover and learn new things. While some have been successful in fixing things, it’s not the case for some. They’ll certainly make you smile and bring you laughter in these trying times.


Doing groceries can be stressful

When the Malaysian Government announced that only the head of the household is allowed to go out for groceries and other important tasks for the #MCO, the Internet broke out with posts on how some men faced difficulty doing the groceries for the first time ever. They couldn’t tell ginger from galangal and got very confused with the different types of spices and what they’re used for.

Now All Can Shop - Tesco

To fix this, supermarkets like Tesco went to publish a ‘Now All Can Shop’ guide on their Facebook page, to illustrates the different types of fish and vegetables. Pretty handy, eh?

mee udang

There’s even a video on how some husbands get overwhelmed with the choices of ‘mee udang’ (prawn noodles) at a local supermarket.


No barbershop? No problem!

With hair salons and barbershops closed during #MCO, people take their hair matters into their own hands, some to devastating results. Sarawak-based influencer Qbalharun gave his wife Ain Suhada Ahmad his full trust with the hair trimmer. The result? You won’t be able to stop laughing.

Funny hair cut


Social Distancing 101

The world has gotten creative on the many ways to practice social distancing. Some even kicked things up a notch with their protective gears; for example by wearing a dinosaur suit while grocery-shopping. Indeed, what a delightful sight to see at a supermarket! 

Still unsure on how to practice social distancing? This cat surely knows how, keeping itself 1m apart from humans.

social distancing


#TravelLater, but yes we miss travelling!

Staying home for more than a month can make some go crazy, especially those who love travelling. They can’t help but miss the excitement of going to the airport to catch the next flight out, because seriously, nothing beats the real travelling experience. 

Some have resorted to recreating this experience at home, by repurposing treadmills, turning them into travellators and luggage conveyor belts. With the power of imagination, a luggage and a treadmill, the feeling of catching the next flight at home is possible! 

tiktok: @anicabazinet


Inner MasterChefs, baristas unleashed

If there’s one obvious talent in many people that MCO has unleashed, it’s cooking for making creative drinks. We’ve seen countless people turning out to be future MasterChefs or baristas. Every single day, our social media feeds are just filled with people’s culinary creations and cool concoctions.

From the South Korean frothy Dalgona Coffee to Sarawak’s latest craze, kuih penyaram, the online culinary community is flourishing to the point that the Malaysia’s Health Ministry had to issue a proper eating schedule on Facebook.

fun masterchefs

funny during MCO

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