The Fashion Event of the Year

Hitting the catwalk in style is Alta Moda Sarawak. An event not to be missed by fashionistas, it is a fashion showcase landing in Kuching on the October 25 – 27, 2018 (correct at press time). Alta Moda Sarawak, which means High Fashion Sarawak will redefine Kuching city as the fashion capital of Sarawak. We can expect talented homegrown designers such as Paul Carling, Wan Bynun, Anna Sue, Ben Nazry, Gavroche, Embun, Louisa Michael, Aiman Zaini, WYNKA, Keith Sim, Anannasa, and Bon Zainal in Cat City to display their unique collections. Internationally acclaimed Von Jolly Couture, currently Paris based, will also make an appearance.

This inaugural threeday edition aims at highlighting the many colours of Sarawak’s cultures and diversities into the streamline of the fashion industry, applying the subject matter of lifestyle while emphasising fashion as its core.

Another objective of the event is to provide up-andcoming Sarawakian designers the opportunity to make their mark in their own country, rather than having to go abroad to make a name for themselves. Local fashion followers also gain the chance to have “high fashion at their doorstep”.

Highlights of the event will include a designer search competition, where the winner will have the opportunity to represent Sarawak at the exclusive New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 edition later in the year, a model search competition and nightly soirees where the cremede-la-creme of Sarawak will be treated to the likes of Oscar Red Carpet arrivals. The event will host the attendance of top Government officials from Sarawak, alongside celebrity guests comprised of TV presenters, beauty queens, and representatives from foreign embassies.

The exotic beauty of Borneo and the rich cultural heritage will be evident through the traditionally inspired batik garments. Instead of Sarawak looking outside from within for inspiration, Alta Moda Sarawak invites the world to look into the heart of Sarawak for an aesthetic display of evocative elegance and daring design. This fashion event will create a lasting legacy of innovation, where brave designers who dreamed beyond their present reality paved the way for future students of fashion to graduate as inspired designers themselves.

For more information on the alTa MODa saraWak, please contact Raymond Jolly at +6012 4271 608

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