The best teas for all kinds of situations

There is so much that a cup of tea can do: it can soothe, heal, energise, and so much more! With so many benefits, tea is indeed a healthier option to deal with your moodiness instead of a bingeing on a tub of ice cream or gulping down cans of beer, for example.

With that said, find out which of the teas listed below suits you best according to the type of situation you are in:

1.  Feeling nauseous? Choose peppermint tea!

The worst thing about nausea is that it appears out of the blue. Most of the time, it happens when you cannot afford to lie in bed, rub your tummy with hot oil to brush off that irritable bowel syndrome or indigestion. 

The best teas for all kinds of situations - peppermint teaphoto source: Pinkvilla

At times you feel nauseous, a sip of peppermint tea does the trick. The leaves are helpful in relaxing those stomach muscles and preventing them from contracting more—it is said to relieve nausea almost instantly! 


2.  Black tea for that afternoon slump

For those of you who do not drink coffee, or are cutting down on coffee, black tea is the best alternative besides sugary carbonated drinks. As one of the most caffeinated tea, black tea has a perfect amount of caffeine, just enough to give you that energy boost to beat that mid-day slump. 

Black tea for that afternoon slumpphoto source: www.medicalnewstoday.com

It is also worth noting that the caffeine level in black tea is lower than your standard cup of coffee. Hence, you will never get jumpy, random spikes that coffee normally gives. 


3.  Cure insomnia with chamomile tea

It is vital for humans to get enough rest to perform at maximum on the daily. When you do not get enough sleep, you fall sick easily. Sleepless nights can also increase the risk of developing anxiety, stress, and diseases.

The best teas for all kinds of situations - chamomile teaphoto source: www.isavta.co.il

On nights when it is just difficult to get a shut eye, chamomile tea is a great way to help induce sleep. Chamomile lacks caffeine and is rich with the antioxidant apigenin, which helps bind receptors in your brain that encourage drowsiness and reduce insomnia.  


4.  Calm your nerves with lavender tea

From laundry detergent to bubble baths and oil diffusers, lavender is a go-to scent for its calming effects. Just the smell of this aromatic tea is already therapeutic and soothing! 

Calm your nerves with lavender teaphoto source: teabreakfast.com

Made of dried lavender buds, lavender tea is an effective natural alternative to calm your nerves with, compared to over-the-counter medications. 


5.  Green tea for full concentration

Did you know that the average attention span of a human beings right now is only eight seconds? In a time of digital connectedness, it is extremely hard to stay focussed, no matter what environment you’re in.  

Green tea for full concentrationphoto source: newatlas.com

However, green tea is an effective beverage that can boost your brainpower and alertness when carrying out your tasks. It contains a modest amount of L-theanine that works synergistically together with caffeine to produce a stimulating, energising effect and improve the brain’s performance. 

So, whether you are a student, or a working adult, you can always count on a hot cup of green tea at times you need mental clarity. 

What’s your go-to tea?

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