The best places to #RaonRaonSarawak

If there is one good outcome from not being able to go out of the State following the current situation, it is the wonderful #RaonRaonSarawak discoveries in our very own backyard that we get to go on. Thanks to social media, the recent months have seen the emergence of unknown and lesser-known hiking spots.

Recently, we got in touch with five travellers who have been exploring the interiors of Sarawak, and learned a little bit about how they got into adventure travel, including their favourite and recommended places to go #RaonRaonSarawak.


Michelle Eng

An avid traveller, Michelle loves exploring new places. However, the time she began exploring places filled with nature, and fell in love with it was after she was posted to work in Sarawak, sometime at the end of 2018.

A favourite #RaonRaonSarawak spot:
“Ban Buan Kukuot Waterfall because it is one of the nicest waterfalls that I have ever visited! The hike to the waterfall is quite easy. I would recommend travellers to visit Ban Buan Kukuot because you can dip into the cold water surrounded by awesome nature –and that’s the right way to explore Sarawak! You can also have a picnic by the side of the waterfall too.”

#RaonRaonSarawakInstagram: michelledexplorer


Ismail bin Roslan

Ismail first migrated to Sarawak in 2015. After some research, he discovered that Sarawak was exceptionally rich in nature and culture. Since then, Ismail has never looked back on adventure travel.

“If I just keep myself in the city, I wouldn’t gain any new experience and knowledge about this State. So the only way to learn is through travelling and exploring. The challenges that I have faced made me the man that I am now. That is why I chose the hard way to explore the uncharted paths of Borneo,” the 33-year-old told BorneoTalk.

A favourite #RaonRaonSarawak spot:
“Mulu National Park because of the Mulu Pinnacles, which is located on Gunung Api. It is one of Malaysia’s landmarks other than Mount Kinabalu—both were printed on the RM100 notes. Even though it is a 1200m-height climb, the view at the top will take your breath away. All the sweat and tears that you’ve shed along the climb will be rewarded by the stunning view.”

#RaonRaonSarawakInstagram: ismail.bin.roslan

One recommended place to #RaonRaonSarawak:
“Padawan area in Kuching is a must-go-to location for newbie explorers. There are plenty of waterfalls such as ‘Garug’ in Kpg. Kiding, ‘Ban Buan Kukuot’ in Kpg. Sadir, ‘Ahport’ in Kpg. Assum and the Sarawak’s very own ‘Jurassic World’ in Bengoh range are all located here.”

#RaonRaonSarawakInstagram: ismail.bin.roslan


Aizaharwani Mohd Jamadil

Started adventure travelling since her schooling days, the 28-year-old Aizaharwani is a curious individual that loves to try new things especially if it is related to nature and sports. According to her, travelling runs in her family so this exposure plays a huge role in shaping her traveling preferences now. Aiza especially feels excited whenever she goes exploring, be it in Sarawak or other places around the country.

A favourite #RaonRaonSarawak Spot:
“This one is hard… It’s either Bengoh or Silabur, because these two places have been on my bucket list since 2018. I really love the mountains. So I was really eager to see the mountainous view from Kampung Sting in Bengoh. The scenery is just breath-taking.

#RaonRaonSarawakInstagram: aizaharwani_mj

“Meanwhile, Silabur is because of my curiosity. The adrenaline rush makes me excited. The feeling is the same as when I went to Gua Niah,” she said, adding that Silabur is another place that’s worth to visit in Sarawak.”

One recommended place to #RaonRaonSarawak:
“I would recommend people to go to Silabur Cave, especially if you are the type who seeks an adventure. The cave is huge and beautiful. The emerald colour formation inside the cave is very scenic. Plus with the right time, I got to see the skylight cave & the water dripping from ceiling just make me speechless.

#RaonRaonSarawakInstagram: aizaharwani_mj

“It also has many things to explore. Silabur cave has 3 chambers, Sky Park summit and clear water Siturib cave. If I have the time I would like to revisit this place and explore more of the clear water cave and go for the summit,” she added, telling BorneoTalk that the last time she only went for caving at Silabur.”


Mohamad Khir Johari

Otherwise better known as @KJ_Khir, KJ has dabbled in adventure travel for a long time. He started adventure travel rather early, precisely in 1990. 

Young at heart, 53-year-old KJ is still active in adventure travel, always exploring new and uncharted places within the interiors of Sarawak almost every week! When asked why he loved adventure travel, KJ answered: “Because I am a nature lover. I get to explore and learn the living geography.” – that’s probably the reason why KJ doesn’t look his age! 

A favourite #RaonRaonSarawak spot:
“Mount Santubong. Because of the beauty hidden all the way up till the summit, and the panoramic view.”

#RaonRaonSarawakInstagram: kj_khir

One recommended place to #RaonRaonSarawak:
“Mulu Pinnacles. Because of its unique formation of limestone and picturesque scenery.”

Instagram: kj_khir


Irfannur Fiqrie

Also known as @fanopanoo, Irfannur Fiqrie has ventured to many trails you might possibly not know of around Kuching. This 27-year-old weekend hiker is always sharing his explorations on Instagram that will certainly make you feel you itch for that quintessential remote experience in the Bornean jungle.

A favourite #RaonRaonSarawak spot:
“Tanjung Datu National Park. You can enjoy a beautiful scenery during your way to Tanjung Datu, which known as heaven of borneo. The beach is clean and beautiful with bluish crystal-clear water. You can spend the night here by camping as this place provides a campsite and open shelter at the beach. This place also known for its sea turtle conservation, where you can have the opportunity to witness the forestry releasing baby turtles out of their nest and make its way into the open waters,” he told BorneoTalk, sharing it as one of the best experiences he had in his life.

Instagram: fanopanoo

One recommended place to #RaonRaonSarawak:
“Ban Buan Kukuot waterfall at Kampung Sadir in Padawan, which is located about 2 hours’ drive from Kuching. It takes around 1.5 hours of hike to reach the waterfall. Along your way to Ban Buan Kukuot you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of paddy field and mountains. The waterfall is more beautiful if rained the day before.

There is also a nearby waterfall here known as Mabi Waterfall where you can experience cliff jumping. Make sure to apply sunblock or bring umbrella during sunny days as the trail is directly exposed to sunlight.”

#RaonRaonSarawakInstagram: fanopanoo

What about you? Have you been to any #RaonRaonSarawak destination that hasn’t been featured before? Comment down below or reach out to us at [email protected]!

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