9 best snacks from Sarawak

Whether you’re on vacation or attending an event in Sarawak. There must be gastronomic experiences that you wish you are able to share with your loved ones back home. Here we  have curated delectable mementos, ripe with authentic local flavours just for you to take home.

Dabai cracker

Dabai cracker is a snack enjoyed by Sarawakians either on its own or dipped in sweet chilli sauce. It has a hint of tartness and richness of the tropical Dabai (Canarium odontophyllum) fruit. With nutritional advantages of being rich in protein, iron and antioxidants. This vegetarian-friendly cracker might just be your new favourite Sarawakian snack. To buy, contact +6084 231 088.

Dabai cracker - 9 best snacks from Sarawak



Stacked on the shelves in most souvenir shops, this traditional snack is no longer foreign among locals and tourists alike. Tebaloi made from a dough mixture of dried coconut, sago flour, sugar and eggs, flattened and cut into squares then cooked over hot ambers covered with banana leaf, resulting in its crispy texture. Get them from the old shophouses along Kuching’s Main Bazaar, or in markets especially in Mukah.

9 best snacks from Sarawak - Tebaloi


Kek Lapis

Do not leave Sarawak without bringing home some Kek Lapis Sarawak to share with family and friends. This delicious layered cake is ubiquitously Sarawakian and comes in different flavours. Individually pre-packaged, it make a perfect gift that is uniquely Sarawakian and cannot found anywhere else. (Get them from Mira Cake House, Di Wannie Kek Lapis Sarawak, Hamidah Kek Lapis or Taka Cake House)

9 best snacks from Sarawak - Kek Lapis


Gula Mitai

This is no ordinary candy. Its Sarawak’s own version of cotton candy and was a pastime snacking favourite among Sarawakians. Gula Mitai is a combination of sugar and flour that twirled and pulled until it forms its distinct physical appearance resembling a Bird’s Nest. This sweet treat is a heavenly delight to the taste buds. Available in markets such as the Sunday Market at Kubah Ria, Kuching.

Gula Mitai - 9 best snacks from Sarawak


Pepper Sweets

The renowned Sarawak pepper is also available in the form of candy. Mixed with a hint of peppermint, you’ll surprised how refreshing this peppery candy is. Perfect for a little pick-me-up for when you’re feeling groggy or if you are trying to stay awake in the middle of the day. Available in souvenir shops along Kuching’s Main Bazaar.

Pepper sweets


Sago Balls

Sago is an integral part of the Melanau culture. Historically, sago became a reliable and staple food source among the Melanau residing in the coastal regions. Especially during bad weather, as going across the sea to source for rice was too dangerous. These crunchy treats can eaten on their own as snacks, or dipped with a banana, durian or any fruit of your choice. Available in souvenir shops and markets such as the Sunday Market at Kubah Ria, Kuching.

Sago balls


Black Pepper

Did you know that Sarawak is well known for producing the king of spices, placing Malaysia as the fifth largest pepper exporter in the world? That’s reason enough for you to bring a pack of Sarawak black pepper home. Just a dash is adequate for a pleasantly refined flavour in your cooking. Buy some from Sara Spice, located at Lot 115, Jalan Utama, 93916 Kuching, Sarawak. (click HERE for the location)

Black pepper


Kuih Jala

Kuih Jala is a great option for travellers looking for a simple and classic snack to bring back home. This sweet, crispy, mouth-watering snack is a confection of tiny strands of Gula Apong (palm sugar) and rice flour mix, deep fried into a mesh of intricate pattern. It’s just simply delicious! Available in markets all over Sarawak.

Kuih jala


Instant Sarawak Laksa Paste

If there was a way to transport the comforting Sarawak Laksa back home, it would be by buying Sarawak Laksa paste for you to prepare in your own kitchen. Having the paste makes it easier to savour the ‘Breakfast of the Gods’ back home. All that’s left blanched rice vermicelli, prawns, shredded chicken, sliced omelette, bean sprouts, parsley and coconut milk. Instant Sarawak Laksa Paste packets can found in local supermarkets all over Sarawak.

Instant Sarawak Laksa Paste

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