Sweet Diwali treats to enjoy, minus the guilt

Sarawak Deepavali

Every time Deepavali comes around, sweets and dessert come to mind. And while it has been an age-old tradition for the Indian community to consume these during any big celebration in today’s case, Deepavali people are becoming increasingly health-conscious. If you’re cutting down on sugar but still want to enjoy the delicious Deepavali desserts, there are always sugarless alternatives that are just as delicious. We list 5 of them here:

1.  Kaju Katli

The delicious nut fudge recipe for this calls for cashew and ghee, made into a paste then flattened and cut into squares or diamond shapes. Honey gives it natural sweetness and lends a floral taste and aroma.

2.  Khajur Burfi

Quick and easy to make, this dessert is made using seedless dates (khajur), ghee, poppy seeds, mixed nuts and cardamom powder. Check out the video on how to make this delicious treat.

3.  Chakli

A must-have on Deepavali, this snack is crunchy and oh-so-delicious! This recipe is perfect for weight-watchers and is diabetic-friendly. Besan is used in place of rice flour and it is baked instead of deep-fried.

4.  Malpua

This delicious Indian pancake recipe uses oats, nuts, raisins, dates and cardamom among other ingredients. It’s a guilt-free recipe you ought to try not just for Deepavali, but also for when you’re feeling like snacking.

5.  Protein Laddu

This delicious ragi ladoo energy ball is a healthier alternative that is made without the use of sugar, jaggery, oil or ghee. It’s perfect for those of you who are a fan of this sweet treat but at the same time watching your weight. Check out this video on how to make some of this yummy and nutritious treat.

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