Sugarbun’s new menu

SugarBun continues to deliver exciting and new changes! Introducing “Borneo Asian Food by SugarBun” (BAF) with an entirely refreshed and exciting new look. You’re in for a memorable dining experience.

The inspired menu incorporates the best local produce from Borneo. The Sabah Giant Garoupa Mee Hoon Soup is a crowd favourite, evident from the queue of people ordering this. Freshly prepared broth packs so much flavour and is delicious on its own. But when combined with soft tofu, a fillet of sliced garoupa, vermicelli noodles, pickled veg, tomatoes, and lightly garnished with spring onion, two words come to mind – SO. GOOD!

If you’re in the mood for rice instead, Sabah Giant Garoupa Fried Rice will tick all the right boxes for you. The meaty garoupa still stands above the well-seasoned freshly fried rice. This hits the spot every time (no, seriously – it’s delicious!).

There are also several other dishes to try under the “Fish & Chicken Wok” section, guaranteed to satisfy all taste buds! SugarBun’s broasted chicken remains a popular choice. Thanks to the broasting methodology of pressure frying the chicken, you enjoy 100% of the crispiness with 40% less fat! No wonder Malaysians keep coming back for it.

With SugarBun’s Borneo Asian Food, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a Bornean’s kitchen. Local ingredients are used to cook authentic dishes native to the vibrant and multicultural island. And the spacious interior is well-lit with tastefully chosen decor lining the walls, reflecting Borneo’s rich culinary heritage. A newly installed fun feature is the dusting station, where you can see the chef in action carefully coating the chicken before broasting. The chic design and colour scheme gives a classy restaurant feel, whilst the renovated counter top and seating remind you of a kopitiam – guaranteeing delicious food!

SugarBun has been delivering the best of Borneo cuisine across Malaysia for nearly 40 years. The fast-food giant is renowned for serving up staple Bornean dishes with speed and finesse. See for yourself what is on offer from this island of gourmet delights in a SugarBun near you!

SB Supplies & Logistics Sdn Bhd (127020-V) • 2nd Floor Wisma SugarBun, lot 180, Sect. 19, KTlD, Jalan Satok, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak. +6082 422 000 +6082 421 833 [email protected] www.sugarbun.com SugarbunRestaurant (Opening hours from 9am to 9pm daily)

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