SUBbyBorneoTalk with the community

The indigenous communities of Sarawak, especially those living in the remote villages such as those in the Ulu Baram and Ulu Limbang districts, are often economically marginalised. On top of that, they also face the challenges of diminishing forest resources. At the same time, these natives are craftswomen and craftsmen known for their exceptional craftsmanship in producing all sorts of handicraft.


Beautifully handcrafted bags

SUBbyBorneoTalk’s tribal bags are durable, fashionable, and easy to maintain. They also come in various sizes and colours and are suitable for all occasions.

SUBbyBorneoTalk with the community

When you purchase these bags, you are making a fashion statement and contributing to the livelihood of the craftswomen who produced them, as well as their future generations.

Stylish and practical, these handcrafted bags from Borneo make great corporate gifts, meaningful souvenirs and are the perfect staple for your everyday wardrobe.

By purchasing these limited-edition handmade bags, you are also taking the #idontdoplastic lifestyle to greater heights. 




Enriching the lives of the natives

We have a mission to create an opportunity for the Bornean natives, as an exposure and at the same time improve their livelihood in all the projects. They include redesigned, rebranded handcrafted merchandise and fair-trade products created by our talented native craftspeople.


About #StirringUpBorneo

Pioneered by BorneoTalk, the #StirringUpBorneo campaign is an initiative carried out together with the local community for the benefit of all.

BT Community engagement not only provides a facility for a dynamic relational process that promotes and facilitates communication, interaction, and involvement. But also engages to progress and develop functional capabilities in every individual or community member through meaningful activities. 

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