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With a passion for everything fashion, these Sarawakian fashion designers have been making major waves in the local fashion scene these recent years. From elegant ethnic wear to bold minimalist modern apparels, these Sarawakian fashion designers show no sign of stopping in #StirringUpBorneo and making proud their homeland in the process.


Datin Melia Gelen

Datin Melia Gelen

Datin Melia Gelen has showcased her fashion on the runway of numerous fashion shows in Sarawak and beyond, giving the fashion-loving public a look at her unique handiwork that incorporates the design of the traditional Pua Kumbu.

The pua kumbu used in her creations made using natural dye extracted from the roots of the Morinda Citrifolia fruit tree and leaves of the Tarum plant. Painstakingly woven using the backstrap loom weaving technique to ensure utmost quality. This precious fabric used to create modern pieces that are runway-worthy and refreshing to the fashion industry.

Datin Melia Gelen fashion design

Datin Melia Gelen fashion design

Having no formal background in fashion design. It is impressive how Datin Melia can create fashion that exudes modern sophistication. With a touch of ethnic elegance in the form of the traditional pua kumbu.

On top of creating stylish apparels, Datin Melia also designs shoes and bags in pua motifs to complement the whole ‘ethnic chic’ look of her De’ Mlya Pua brand.


Keith Sim

Keith Sim, Sarawakian fashion designer

Keith Sim is a young Sarawakian fashion designer of Chinese descent. He developed a knack for creating edgy and elegant fashion designs from studying Fashion Products and Markets in Australia.

Keith started his fashion brand KEITHSIM in December 2017. Customers of KEITHSIM can always expect fresh new styles that are bold and sophisticated, while made to suit both men and women.

Keith Sim, Sarawakian fashion designer with his brand KEITHSIM

Keith Sim, Sarawakian fashion designer with his brand KEITHSIM

His ‘All Eyes On You’ collection, launched in 2019, highlights fashion he created together with Perth-based graphic designer Zia Dadis. Marrying her design with his own signature style and incorporating Malaysian culture for a collection that is truly unique.

Truly, these names are bringing Sarawak’s brand of fashion to international audiences. Offering but a taste of what Sarawak could bring to the table in the global fashion scene.

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