Six easy herbs, veg to grow at home

Vegetables and herbs grown at home are better than store-bought ones, this is simply common sense. Since we have so much time on our hands, especially with extension of the #MCO (Movement Control Order), why not learn to grow vegetables and herbs at home? We know what you’re thinking: “I have no backyard. I live in an apartment.” There is no need to worry at all as you can grow these plants easily in pots that can be put out on your patio or balcony.


Bean Sprouts (Taugeh)

There is a reason why bean sprouts were chosen as a science experiment in schools – they are easy to grow. You won’t need any soil at all. Just clear mason jars or containers, and cheesecloth for air circulation. First, rinse some green beans and discard the bad ones. Then, soak the beans for up to 12 hours in cool water in a drainable jar (preferably with a cheesecloth). Repeat the ‘rinse and drain’ process twice a day for two to five days until you are happy with the length and thickness of the sprouts. And there you have it, your own bean sprouts!

grow bean sprouts easily at home

* Here is the LINK on how to grow bean sprouts using a bottle


Bird’s Eye Chilli (Cili Padi)

Picture this: You’re in the middle of eating and somehow something feels missing. For some people, it might be a dash of soy sauce, sambal or perhaps a bird’s eye chilli. Not only are these chillies delicious to eat (if you’re into spicy food), but beautiful too, especially when you see the chillies turn from green to yellow, then orange and finally red. Bird’s eye chilies thrive if they have enough sun exposure, loose well-structured soil, water and fertilizer.

grow bird’s eye chilli easily at home

* Here is the LINK on how to grow chilli at home


Green onion

Green onion is such a versatile ingredient that can be used in salads and stews and as garnishing for grilled meats or omelette. They are also relatively easy to grow out of their leftover roots. No seeds needed. Either you want to plant it in a glass filled with water or a soiled pot, it is your choice. Once they have sprouted, green onions are easy to maintain as they only need to be watered every few days.

grow green onion easily at home

* Here is the LINK on how to grow green onion at home



Lemongrass is a key ingredient in Southeast Asian cuisines, such as Thailand’s famous Tom Yum. A lemongrass stalk when crushed produces a citrusy herbal fragrance that’ll whet anyone’s appetite. Usually, lemongrass thrives in people’s home gardens across the region. It is a herb that will naturally propagate itself once established. To plant lemongrass, simply trim the lemongrass stalks to a few inches tall and place them in pots with well-draining soil, under the bright sun.

grow lemongrass easily at home

* Here is the LINK on how to grow lemongrass at home



A fragrant home remedy for alleviating gas, flatulence and bloating, fresh ginger is an anti-inflammatory spice that can come in handy when you have tummy problems. Fresh ginger is much more concentrated in flavour compared to powdered ginger. You can plant ginger by using store-bought ginger root and sticking them in potted soil or in your garden, with the growing buds facing up.

grow ginger easily at home

* Here is the LINK on how to grow ginger at home



Mint is a tasty and versatile medicinal herb that is also great in iced tea on a hot afternoon. It is also easy to plant as it requires minimal care. As long as the soil is evenly moist, mint can easily sprawl and grow up to 1-2 feet tall. It is easier to grow mint from the plant’s stem compared to growing it from its seedlings. Do bear in mind that some types of mint require only partial sun exposure.


* Here is the LINK on how to grow mint at home

So what are you planning to grow this #MCO period?

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