Simple, delicious recipes for satisfying meals at home

You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant every time you hunger for food that will knock your socks off. In fact, you’d surprised how many simple home-cooked dishes there are that can satisfy you in ways no restaurant food can. Here are three simple recipes to try for satisfying meals at home:

Sweet leaf with egg

Sweet leaf is commonly known as cangkuk manis (Bahasa Melayu) or manicai (Chinese), and is a favourite among people from all walks of life in Sarawak. A favourite, simple way to cook this vegetable is by stir-frying it with garlic and egg. Some add dried anchovies (pusuk), to make it even tastier. Here’s a video that shows you how simple it is to prepare stir-fried sweet leaf with egg at home:

Stingray asam pedas

A stingray is one of those very meaty fish that needs a whole lot of spices to bring out its flavours. One of the best ways to cook a stingray is asam pedas, which is a sour and spicy broth that goes really well with this fish. It is quite a simple dish to prepare despite the list of ingredients used. Here’s how you can make this dish at home:

Crispy tomato mee

If you’re really not in the mood to cook too many dishes but want something simple yet yummy for your tummy, Kuching’s crispy tomato mee will satisfy you for sure! The recipe is simple, but you DO need to use kolo mee noodle for this to work. The kolo mee noodle is deep-fried in hot oil until it turns golden brown. Some like to have slightly burnt bits, but it all depends on your preference. A bubbling hot tomato-based sauce poured over the noodle.

If you can’t find kolo mee noodle, you can also use kway teow (flat rice noodle), which is stir fried in a very hot wok with some soy sauce before the tomato broth poured over it.

Coco Mint shows you how to make “Sarawak Tomato Mee” at home. It’s simple and delicious!

There you go… Three recipes that are simple but so satisfyingly delicious that you can try at home. What’s your simple but super delicious recipe?

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