SIDF 2018

SIDF 2018 descending gracefully upon the City of Swans

This annual event serves as a platform for the expression of life in fluid and mesmerising forms. Aggressive, passionate, exuberant, measured – dance, by design and intent, it is meant to evoke an emotional response from its captive audience. And captured we will be when an ensemble cast from all over the world gathers for the Sibu International Dance Festival (SIDF) 2018.

Organised by Hornland Dance Theatre, Sibu, the dance festival is meant to facilitate discourse and provoke passion for and further thought into the expressive medium known as dance. The festival is acknowledged and supported by Sibu Municipal Council, and Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth & Sports, Sarawak. What started as a privately funded event borne from passion and desire to disseminate dance to the people of Sibu, exponentially grew as the fire caught and spread unbounded amongst locals and international visitors.

This year’s SIDF will take place from Aug 21 to 25, with the events being held at Sibu Civic Centre and the Ku Tien Memorial Park in Sibu at different times. SIDF 2018 will take place alongside the Rajang River, the longest river in Southeast Asia, an appropriate venue for an event rich in culture and variety. Lauded as “A platform for world artists. A festival for everyone. In the land of Borneo,” there is much to expect and look forward to.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities throughout the day and afternoon that will broaden their minds on what dance is and what dance looks like. Dance workshops held by professional choreographers and dance instructors provide an opportunity to learn different choreography or styles. Workshops last up to 1 hr 30 mins and are very popular amongst people with a keen interest and are active in dancing.

Dance seminars, also lasting up to 1 hr 30 mins, are open to the public. Different topics exploring dance theory, choreography, old and new trends will be laid out and pushed to their theoretical boundaries. A stimulating treat, many people attend to discover the latest in dance.

The highlight of SIDF is undoubtedly the performances held every night at 7:30pm. Different troupes and acts will showcase their own unique styles and choreographed routines to the public. Dance Interaction sessions held the following day provide audience with the chance to discuss the performance from the night before with the dancers in an intimate setting.

Visitors can also book their place on the Cultural Day Tour (part of SIDF), where they can discover and experience the culture and lifestyle of the Dayak people, who make up a large proportion of the Sibu population. People would get the chance to live in longhouses and eat authentic Dayak cuisine.

SIDF welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds to attend. Dancing styles from all over the world will be on display, including traditional and contemporary forms. With a range of indoor and outdoor performances, informational seminars and inspiring workshops, there’s something for everyone. So come and unleash that passion within.

For more information, contact Hornland Dance Theatre, No. 46, Lane 1 Lanang Road, 96000, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia, at Tel: +6084 349 932, +6016 893 7614, Fax: +6084 349 932 or Email: [email protected], or visit Website: www.sidfestival.com.

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