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In January 2018, STIDC initiated a special programme together with Indonesia’s Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) known as the Pool of Young Designers (POYOD). The programme aim at producing young designers for the timber industry in Sarawak. POYOD helps talented individuals reach their fullest potential through a specially formulated training course that takes their creativity to new heights. The first batch of POYOD students graduated from ITB just last December.

“POYOD is part of the Corporation’s efforts to transform the timber sector into a high-income industry by 2030. The programme envisages to enhance fresh designer graduates with entrepreneurship skills and knowledge in tandem with the industry needs,” STIDC’s Acting General Manager, Haji Hashim Haji Bojet told BorneoTalk.


Eye-catching designs

To date, POYOD graduates have produced impressive furniture designs that combine form and function. Some of these designs have featured in international expos such as INDEX Mumbai in Mumbai, India and the Australian International Furniture Fair (AIFF) in Melbourne, Australia. And there will be more opportunities in the future for these designers to showcase their work around the world.

Here are six notable young designers from the POYOD programme, who have come up with some truly inspiring furniture designs using exotic, premium and unique local hardwood timber sourced from the forests of Sarawak.


Rudy Edi: His designs include a Talaba chair inspired by the fishermen community from his hometown, and Tote Cocktail Chair & Table, inspired the joy of serving sweet and delicious food as a symbol of love.


Ayu Mortadza: Her creations are named Bita (inspired by a childhood beverage served in a plastic bag “air bungkus ikat tepi”), and Liesca Semi Dining Set that combines plush cushions and fitrit rattan. 


produced impressive furniture designs that combine form and function

Robica Tingang: Check out her Pida chair, whose armrest and legs combine to resemble a flower bouquet, and Kiye (a collection of chair and table featuring a smooth form with a twist structure, reminiscent of a continuous line of marshmallows).


produced impressive furniture designs that combine form and function

Iwan Hamdan: This designer impresses with his creations Palabo (chair inspired by coral reef) and Rance Easy Chair & Table, inspired by the sweetness and tastiness of orange.


produced impressive furniture designs that combine form and function

Calvin Renang: His unique Malama Chair is inspired by the Memosa pudicate plant (bunga semalu), while his Namia Easy Chair is inspired by an ice-cream wafer sandwich.


Sazrin Jamali: This designer’s Sanam chair is inspired by ant, while his Tuarloo Chair & Side Table  were inspired by an egg.

Quirky yet classy and timeless, these furniture pieces complement your interior décor and add a touch of modern luxe to your home. Their cutting-edge designs feature clever combinations of form and function, able to transform any space with unique characters and flair.

Pool of Young Designers (POYOD), you can read through from BorneoTalk Vol.56 (page 68). Click here for DOWNLOAD
STIDC website: www.sarawaktimber.gov.my

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