River adventure at Padawan Raft Safari

This year’s Padawan Raft Safari, organised by the Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) and in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia, and Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports, Sarawak, is expected to draw an even larger crowd than last year when it takes place at 7am on Sept 30.

An adrenalinepumping affair, participants battle against the elements and steer the course against wild rapids and strong currents, such as the famous Giam Rapids, whilst trying not to fall overboard! The downstream course is approximately 40km, and the starting point is at Kampung Annah Rais. It has been timed to roughly take three and a half hours to navigate and reach the finishing point. Other competitions include the Men’s Open (26km) starting at Kampung Temurang and the Women’s Open starting point at Kampung Danu (22km). All routes will converge and finish at Kampung Git.

The Padawan Raft Safari is designed to promote the Penrissen area and showcase the beauty of its natural habitat. Over the course of the day, nature lovers get to enjoy the wonders of Borneo’s fauna and flora, in addition to the natural flowing springs and rivers weaving through the rainforests and highlands. Rafting allows visitors to not only become closer to nature but also promote healthy lifestyles and increased physical activities. The Raft Safari has been running since 2004 and has been met with continual success, with increasing numbers of attendees.

Guests also normally enjoy the surrounding features and attractions in the vicinity. There will also be a chopping and a gong competition that rafters can try their hands at to keep up the contest and vying for prizes. Towns such as Siburan, Beratok, and Tapah are a short distance away, where people can try local cuisine and purchase merchandise. Explorers have the option to trek in Kampung Temurang and encounter the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia. A short drive up north leads you to Semenggoh Natural Reserve, where you can see Borneo’s famous wild Orang Utans in their natural environment. And for a spot of leisure, the Borneo Highlands Resort lets people enjoy a quick round of golf and relax.

There are many reasons to visit Borneo and the Padawan Raft Safari is just one of them. Don’t miss out on having the most fun whilst being up-close and personal with nature.

For more information, contact Cr. Paul Akiu ( +6010 967 8303), Elizabeth Loh ( +6013 880 6012), Dilop Jina or Kho Ai Mei of the Padawan Municipal Council at +6082 615 566, fax to +6082 311 832 or email to [email protected] or log on to www.mpp.sarawak.gov.my.


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