Restoring femininity

Women are the pillars of society. It is a universal truth that one of your first role models will be your mother. Remembering the busyness and unwavering endeavour to make sure her children are well taken care of can often lead to neglecting one’s physical and mental health. Michelle Obama encourages women to put themselves higher on their own “to-do” list to make sure they’re running at optimal efficiency. And KPJ Kuching Specialist Hospital in Sarawak has done pioneering work towards supporting women in maintaining good health.

Women’s femininity can often be overlooked, which is reflected in personal healthcare; issues surrounding female-specific organs can be swept under the carpet. Childbirth is a complex process and results in several physical changes post delivery. Common symptoms women may experience include lack of elasticity and urinary incontinence due to stretching of the vagina.

The “Beladona” is a machine, employing state-of-the-art technology to provide Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment.

This machine helps by rejuvenating the vaginal cells and promoting collagen growth. By creating more collagen, Beladona promotes tensile strength and elasticity of the vaginal wall skin or mucosa.

Women who have undergone this procedure self-report post-treatment a 90% satisfaction either with laxity or urinary symptoms, and 80% improvement in sexual gratification depending on their health condition.

Whilst all women may not benefit from this treatment, ladies are advised to seek medical attention regarding any persisting detrimental health symptoms as soon as possible before deciding on any form of reparative care. A healthy body equates to a healthy mind.

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