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Safe secluded sanctuaries in Malaysia

Safe secluded sanctuaries in Malaysia

It’s great to read some travel suggestions and browse through #TravelInspo content while we are staying home for the right reasons. But that shouldn’t mean that you can’t dream about your next private #CutiCutiMalaysia staycation.
As we are all scrambling to find the next escape in this new norm era, travel safety is absolutely on top of the priority list, in line with Ministry of Health’s advice to avoid the 3Cs (crowded places, confined spaces, and close contact). However, there are several private getaways to consider for those who have the pent-up desire to travel.

The Shorea Retreats, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Occupying a lush hideout in Negeri Sembilan’s virgin Berembun Forest Reserve is The Shorea Retreats, a sanctuary boasting exclusive and eco-friendly private villas. “Shorea” refers a genus of 196 species of rainforest trees. Malay timber-based architecture is evident throughout the whole resort; constructed mostly out of timber with plenty of sliding doors and windows, allowing plenty of natural light and ventilation to seep through, respecting the natural surroundings.

For ultimate privacy, the estate’s double-storey villas are excellent for couples and families wanting the space to themselves. Depending on what accommodation you choose, some villas have direct access to private pools and balconies overlooking the calming rainforest, so be sure to check with the Resort earlier. (Click HERE to Google Map)

Safe secluded sanctuaries in Malaysia


Tanah Larwina, Hulu Langat, Selangor

Tanah Larwina is the perfect nature recluse for those looking to escape to somewhere just a short drive away from the nation’s capital. It is a three-acre nature and farm retreat tucked away at Kuala Lumpur’s outskirts, approximately 40km away from the city. The entire retreat is based on its main villa, Rumah Tebing: a glasshouse that beautifully integrates with its large, quaint surrounding embraced by a cascading stream.

Tanah Larwina is blessed with limited coverage, letting you enjoy the surroundings to its fullest be it over the hot campfire, by dipping your feet in the cold Larwin river or exploring the rest of the estate, playing with the farm animals like goats, chickens and ponies. At the end of the day, time here is made for those who are looking to escape the stressful city life, for those looking to detox digitally in nature, for those who want to spend quality bonding time with family or for private events.

Note: Rumah Tebing is meant for a big group. But if you come in more than eight persons, there are other additional pods that can be booked.  (Click HERE to Google Map)

Safe secluded sanctuaries in Malaysia


Ambong Pool Villas, Langkawi 

What is not to love about Ambong Pool Villas? It is the epitome of a tropical island luxe. Set in the prime position of Teluk Baru in Langkawi, the nine private villa units here go above and beyond with interesting mix of covered living spaces, partly open patios and sunny open terraces, all linked with a large individual swimming pool.

No villas are the same. Some have their own tree growing inside, designed into its architecture as part of the boutique’s aim to preserve the jungle’s original topography. Here, residents can listen to the rhythm of the rainforest, feel the whistles of the wind and occasionally spot the island’s monkeys from forest watching. Sun decking at your private patio or terraces will be a pleasure too because of its magnificent views of Langkawi’s azure seas, and your view of the neighbouring islands, depending on your villa of choice, might either be Dayang Bunting Island or Tepor Island.  (Click HERE to Google Map)

Safe secluded sanctuaries in Malaysia


Green Acres, Balik Pulau, Penang 

For an off-the-beaten path experience, Green Acres features affordable and secluded farm stay that is no less exciting. It is located in a 16-acre chemical-free orchard in Balik Pulau, Penang, the very location known for producing the best durian in the country when in season.

Central to the farm’s aim to provide a low carbon footprint travel experience, its sustainable farming practices, and semi solar private powered accommodation lets guests experience and be a part of uniquely authentic nature experiences. There are over 500 tropical fruit trees at Green Acres. The variety of fruits spans beyond durian; among which guests can sample are mangosteens, rambutan, papaya, jackfruit, to name a few. Hence, just being here is an eye-opening experience for nature lovers and sustainable enthusiasts.

Overnight guests are offered the opportunity to relax in total privacy at either one of the two types of accommodation: the traditional eco-lodge or the tree house. The traditional eco-lodge feature incredible view of the surrounding orchard and hills of Balik Pulau, whereas the tree house is literally perched on a tree top level, making it the ideal place for birdwatchers.

Safe secluded sanctuaries in Malaysia


The Village House, Kuching, Sarawak 

Situated in a quiet Malay village in Santubong, The Village House delivers your own slice of privacy in Sarawak’s natural setting. The property is an option for those who are after something a little of an old charm: think rustic ambiance of belian wood structure edges complemented with an eclectic collection of the owner’s art, antiques and artefacts.

An adult-only escape, The Village House is perfect for families or couples looking to spend some much-needed time catching up with each other; and rest one’s body, mind and soul in their secluded accommodations some even feature their own private verandah! Whether you choose to meander around the spectacular local sites of Santubong peninsular, or lounge by the side of the compound’s outdoor pool with a book, the choice is yours.  (Click HERE to Google Map)

Note: the property does not accept children under 12 years of age.

Safe secluded sanctuaries in Malaysia

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