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Alena Murang presents ‘Sky Songs’

Alena Murang presents ‘Sky Songs’

Multi-award winning sape songstress, Alena Murang recently concluded her first solo concert at the Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre (PJPAC) on June 17, 2023.

After months-long collaboration with PJPAC 1 Utama, Alena Murang brought the house down with contemporary renditions of her ancestral heritage in a night of song, remembrance and homecoming, titled ‘Sky Songs’, which is also the name of Alena’s second album, inspired by elements of the sky – the thunder, rain, sun, morning mist, stars and moon. 

In ‘Sky Songs’, Alena breathe new melodies to traditional Dayak sounds, as Alena performed beside Sara Heg on electric guzheng, Joshua Maran on drums, Jonathan Wong Ketshin on guitar, Simmy on keyboard and tin whistle and Fook on bass guitar. 

Set in Selangor’s Proscenium Theatre, Alena’s solo concert immersed audiences in a visual playground, specially concocted for ‘Sky Songs’ by OtherHalf Studio, which accompanies Alena’s ancestral music with dreamy visuals. 

~ Photos by @qalkaptures ~


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