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10 things to do in Kundasang

10 things to do in Kundasang

The peaceful little town of Kundasang is located at the foot of Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, and provides a relaxing escape from the ever-busy Kota Kinabalu below. At an altitude of 1900 metres, Kundasang is a magnificent highland sanctuary, where temperatures average 19.7°C, making it the New Zealand of Malaysia!Whether you’re driving up to Kundasang for a day trip, or spending a night near the mountains, we listed out 10 things you can do in this beautiful highland town!


1.  Cuddle with Furry Alpacas

Just seven minutes away from the famous Desa Cattle Dairy Farm is one of Kundasang’s latest attractions, the Alpaca Club! The alpaca-themed attraction is home to ten of the furry mammals, known to be gentle, inquisitive and intelligent creatures. The Alpaca Club is an immensely popular destination for a day trip, where visitors can pet, feed and take pictures with these friendly alpacas, all for an entrance fee of RM15. Click HERE for the location map.

{ 9am – 4.40pm (Daily)  •  RM15/adult  •  RM10/child (4-12 years)  •  RM2/child below 4 years old }

10 things to do in Kundasang

2.  Camp out at Hounon Ridge

Once a grazing field for buffalos, Hounon Ridge is now a magnificent hillside accommodation, with large, spacious grounds for camping as well as a lodge with standard rooms should you prefer sleeping indoors. Great for families and groups, this beautiful campsite have numerous onsite facilities including a common kitchen area, shared toilets and bathrooms equipped with hot water, BBQ pits and picnic tables! With the magnificent view of Mount Kinabalu greeting you every morning and the Milky Way up ahead whenever you go to sleep, you won’t want to miss checking into Hounon Ridge! Click HERE for the location map.

10 things to do in Kundasang

3.  Explore Desa Cattle Dairy Farm

With vast green pastures, Desa Cattle Dairy Farm is the home of the local Desa brand, welcoming hundreds of visitors to its idyllic location daily. With sweeping highland landscapes and cooling fogs, the Desa Cattle Dairy Farm promises a fun day for the entire family, with plenty of things to see, do and eat, like feeding the calves, observing how milk is processed as well as many dairy-based products, like freshly made yogurts, gelatos and cheese! Click HERE for the location map.

{ 8am – 5pm (Daily)  •  RM5/adult  •  RM4/child (7 – 12 years)  •  Free for Disabled and Children under 7 }

10 things to do in Kundasang

4.  Climb up Sosodikon Hill 

If magnificent views are what you’re after, Sosodikon Hill in Kampung Kauluan is a must-visit! Located just next to the immensely popular Desa Cattle Dairy Farm, this small hill takes visitors on a leisurely 10-minute hike suitable for families and people of all ages, including children and the elderly, all for a small entrance fee. The view from the summit is breathtakingly beautiful, with panoramic views of the surrounding hills and even Mount Kinabalu, depending on the weather. With several colourful viewpoints placed along the trail, Sosodikon Hill makes for a picture-perfect stop for your trip to Kundasang! Click HERE for the location map.

{ 6am to 5pm (Daily)  •  RM 5/ Malaysian adult  •  RM 3/ Malaysian child (7 – 12 years)  •  RM 10/adult (Foreigner)  •  RM 5/child (Foreigner)  •  Free for children 6 years and below }

10 things to do in Kundasang

5.  Explore Sabah Tea Garden

As the only organic tea farm in Borneo, Sabah Tea Farm boasts both an educational and fun trip, with plenty of things to see and do, including touring the tea factory and plantation and checking out tea-infused cuisines like ice cream and tea pancakes at the Tea House. No trip to the Sabah Tea Garden is complete without a taste of Sabah’s finest tea, which comes in different flavours like pandan, lemongrass and geranium. Click HERE for the location map.

{ 8am – 4.30pm  •  Free entrance }

10 things to do in Kundasang

6.  Maragang Hill

If you’re not up to conquering the highest mountain in Malaysia just yet, Maragang Hill might just be the one for you! At 2,232 metres above sea level, Maragang Hill is the highest hill in Malaysia and is meticulously managed by the local community to ensure hikers’ safety and a well-maintained trail. Depending on your choice of trail, the hike is approximately 3 to 5 hours long, with a majestic view of Mount Kinabalu at the end. Click HERE for the location map.

Check out available packages here:

10 things to do in Kundasang

7.  Climb Mount Kinabalu

Standing majestically at 4,095 metres is the backdrop of the hilly town of Kundasang, Mount Kinabalu. Climbing the highest mountain in Malaysia is not an easy feat by any means, as it involves hundreds of steps (600 in total!), spread out over the course of two days. As climbers must engage the services of a mountain guide, it is highly recommended that you make your bookings well in advance, as only 160 climbing permits are issued every day. 

10 things to do in Kundasang

8.  Visit Poring Hot Spring

A trip to Kundasang is not complete without visiting Poring Hot Spring! After a long day of sightseeing, don’t miss out on dipping your toes into a natural hot spring pool, which helps reduce stress, relax tense muscles and may even make you sleep better. These sulphur-rich springs also have healing benefits including treating skin irritations and allergies. There are multiple pools with different sizes and depths, and even one just shallow enough to dip your feet in! Click HERE for the location map.

{ 8am – 3pm (Daily)  •  RM15/adult  •  RM10/child (7 to 17 years)  •  Free for children 6 years and below }

10 things to do in Kundasang

9.  Kundasang War Memorial

Constructed in 1962, the Kundasang War Memorial is a beautiful tribute that honours over 1,000 prisoners of war who were forced to endure the horrific 240-kilometre death march from Sandakan to Ranau, as well as local Borneans who risked and lost their lives trying to help them. The memorial comprises four gardens, the Australian Garden, the English Garden, the Borneo Garden and the Contemplation Garden. At the end of the Contemplation Garden is a great viewpoint for pictures, with the town of Kundasang below and Mount Kinabalu right ahead. Click HERE for the location map.

{ 8.30am to 8.30pm (Daily)  •  RM4/Malaysian  •  RM10/International  •  RM2/Students and Children under 12 }

10 things to do in Kundasang

10.  BW Bus Restaurant

One of Kundasang’s most unique spots is the BW Bus Restaurant, where several antique buses are repurposed into a modern dining spot! This lovely spot makes for some great photo opportunities and a unique dining experience.  Only ten minutes away from town centre, this restaurant serves Western cuisines, including burgers, pasta and soft serve coconut ice cream. Click HERE for the location map.

{  10am – 8pm (Daily)  •  RM5/pax (Deductable from receipt upon dine-in) }

10 things to do in Kundasang


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