Popular “buka puasa” food in Sarawak

It’s that time of the year again… Ramadhan. Besides being a month of spiritual cleansing and forgiveness. It is also a time greatly enjoyed by people from all walks of life for the abundance of mouth-watering bazaar delicacies.

Although this year’s Ramadhan is different from the previous years as physical bazaars are not allowed to operate. There are digital marketplaces and apps like Helpy Services, Grab Food and Food Panda, which allow the operation of e-bazaars. Here are some popular local delicacies every Sarawakian would usually look for every Ramadhan.


Kuih Bongkol

Who doesn’t know this sweet dessert wrapped in banana leaf in Ramadhan? This local favourite made of rice flour and coconut milk, as well as gula apong – Sarawakian palm sugar. Its creamy and salty flavour profile with the sweet gula apong make it a must-have for sungkei.

Folks yearning for their Kuih Bongkol fix can consider Bongkol by Cangke. Kuih Bongkol’s alternative in the form of a drink. Sold by Dymas Food in Helpy Services app ( Google Play  •  IOS App Store ). 

kuih bongkol Sarawak at Ramadhan


Bubur Pedas

If there is an iconic dish synonymous to Ramadhan season in Sarawak. It would be Bubur Pedas, a savoury porridge created by the Sarawak Malays. What’s unique about it is that it’s totally different from the usual rice porridges like bubur lambuk and bubur ayam

At a glance, the porridge looks exactly like curry. The essential ingredients of Bubur Pedas are ‘bumbu’ spice powder, galangal, mixed spices, turmeric, lemongrass, cinnamon and coriander. Also, Bubur Pedas can purchase from Andeeka via Helpy Services app ( Google Play  •  IOS App Store ).

bubur pedas Sarawak at Ramadhan


Pulut Panggang

Did you know that Sibu is home to not only iconic dishes like Mee Kampua and Kompia, but pulut panggang as well? Throughout the month of Ramadhan, pulut panggang sold widely at Ramadhan bazaars. 

There is a difference between Sarawak’s pulut panggang and the version in West Malaysia. Originally, Sarawak’s pulut panggang has no filling; just plain grilled glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf. Meanwhile, the West Malaysian pulut panggang comes with meat fillings like beef and chicken. Nowadays, it is common to find pulut panggang with meat fillings sold at bazaars in Sarawak too.

pulut panggang 


Suntong Tutok

Suntong tutok, or smashed cuttlefish is usually eaten as a moreh (supper) snack after tarawih prayers during Ramadhan. Mostly, suntong tutok sold at the roadside or within the vicinity of Malay villages like Kampung Nombor in Satok, Kuching. What makes suntong tutok so special is the addictive feeling of munching on it and its delicious sambal dipping sauce – yummy! 

Pulut Panggang and Suntong Tutok can purchased from N Canai & Pulut Panggang, in Helpy Services app ( Google Play  •  IOS App Store ) or by calling 011-11874438

suntong tutok Sarawak at Ramadhan


Ice Cold Drinks

Finally, after 13.5 hours of fasting, it is time to rehydrate and refresh with a cup of ice cold drink. Your thirsty throat will definitely thank you for that much needed colourful ABC drink. With endless options available from laici kang to bandung syrup. These drinks are usually sold in large volumes, enough for the whole family to enjoy.

You can also get your milk tea with grass jelly drink delivered to your doorstep from vendors like Pyorr Kch Samarahan available in Helpy Services App Google Play  •  IOS App Store ).

pyorr Kuching Samarahan

Recently, Sarawak has introduced Bazaar Ramadan Online Sarawakku Sayang (BROSS) programme, another e-bazaar alternative during this #MCO. Meanwhile, for those who want to register as an entrepreneur or runner for the BROSS programme, fill in your details in this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKSdWIWYhvOfCWKXmucMFusYAp5Y16GvHlFhn289xnfWgVhw/viewform

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