Pinggai Cafe

Chicken Curry
(Clock-wise from top left) Manok Pansoh, rice in pitcher plant, chicken curry, Dayak Char Siew with rice, Dragon Bowl and butterfly pea flower tea

Tucked away amidst old shops and lodgings in Kuching’s Upper China Street is the jolly ol’ Pinggai Café. Rather unassuming in its appearance as seen from outside, Pinggai Café is a treasure trove of delicious Sarawakian cuisine, leaning towards typical local food enjoyed by Sarawakian households.

The owners are Dayak, so it’s only natural to expect Dayak food in the menu at Pinggai Café. Savour all sorts of deliciousness from the very fragrant Manok Pansoh (chicken cooked in bamboo), Bamboo & Coconut Shoot Chicken and the irresistible Dayak Char Siew (Dayak style slow firewood-cooked barbecued pork), to the lip-smacking Daun Empasak Goreng (stir-fried tapioca leaves) and the drool-inducing Terung Dayak (or terung assam) with pork.

And of course, with Sarawak being a melting pot of many cultures, dishes like Dabai fried rice, steamed pomfret, Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Api and chicken curry can also be expected at Pinggai Café. Not your typical local breakfast, Pinggai Café’s smoothie bowls are healthy alternatives to your usual morning meals. And while we’re on the topic of things outside the norm of the typical Sarawakian household, check out the unique drinks at Pinggai Café, infused with butterfly pea flower or rosebuds, to name a few.

Manok Pansoh

Steaned Golden Pomfret

Dragon Bowl and butterfly pea flower infused beverages

Pinggai Café has an open kitchen concept, so you can see them prepare your food right before your eyes. The interior décor at Pinggai Café is sort of a representation of a typical Sarawakian Dayak home, complete with colourful metal serving trays from the olden days hung on the walls. Did anyone say “selfie”?

Pinggai Cafe’s interior features elements that evoke nostalgia

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