The last paradise on earth

A very bold claim, it seems. But that’s just what Bali is – a paradise. It’s one of the world’s most preferred holiday destinations; a treasure trove of spectacular locales, amazing beaches, remarkable culture, great food and fabulous nightlife.

Picture Perfect

I woke up to an unfamiliar sight, wondering what lay ahead as I watched the mist slowly lifting over Mataram. The milky white blanket of minute water droplets seemed as…

Gloria Jean’s

Gloria Jean’s Coffees became the latest addition to Kuching’s growing list of international F&B chains when it opened here in May this year. Its new outlet at Plaza Merdeka is…

Sugarbun’s new menu

SugarBun continues to deliver exciting and new changes! Introducing “Borneo Asian Food by SugarBun” (BAF) with an entirely refreshed and exciting new look. You’re in for a memorable dining experience….

No signs of stopping for Tealive

It has only been about a year and a half since much-loved home-grown beverage brand Tealive was introduced as a brand replacing Chatime Malaysia. But already, it has grown to…

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