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Welcome to Kuching, Sarawak’s Capital City, City of Smiles! One place that will definitely put a smile on every visitor’s face is the famous DBKU Orchid Garden, right in the heart of the city. Also just across the river from the famed Kuching Waterfront. As the name implies, it was specially set up to realize the dream of a garden in the city. A place where everyone living in the city can truly appreciate nature through the beauty and fascination of orchids!

Normah Orchid
Normah Orchid (Phalaenopsis bellina)

Aranda Chark Kuan 'Blue'
Aranda Chark Kuan ‘Blue’

Aranda Panni Orchid
Aranda panni

Imagine, with a collection of over 75,000 orchids comprising some 82 genera in one venue is surely a dream come true for orchid and plant lovers, not to mention the photographers. Spread over an area of 15.4 acres (at present) made up of gentle hills, water features and bridges, it has become the must-visit place for newlyweds to have their wedding pictures taken. So, don’t surprise by the numerous happy couples in their fine costumes flocking to the area when you visit, as the place is irresistible for beautiful photos with nature’s splendours! Since its opening in 2009, the DBKU Orchid Garden managed by DBKU (Commission of the City of Kuching North) together with its appointed consultant Orchidwoods Co, has attracted thousands of visitors as the venue is open daily (except Mondays) from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm and entrance is free of charge.

While most visitors come to enjoy and experience the beauty of the orchids, others like horticulturists and botanists conduct their studies on the species displayed. The two sections of the garden, namely the display area and the nursery, are well stocked with both wild and hybrid species consisting of epiphytic and terrestrial plants in open, semi-shaded and shaded areas. Within the display area are found the endemic Borneo orchid species, the beautiful and enchanting Slipper Orchid (Paphiopedilum sanderianum) and the unique and rare green/black Coelogyne pandurata. Sarawak’s state orchid, Orchid Normah (Phalaenopsis bellina) are plentiful here and hybrids such as dendrobium Laila are also displayed in the garden.

Vanda Taib Orchid
Vanda Taib

green/black Coelogyne pandurata
Coelogyne pandurata

Lady Slipper Orchid
Lady Slipper (Paphiopedilum spp.)

With the emphasis of the garden on the display and care of orchids, the landscaping details have also been carefully detailed in during the building stage. The atheistically and harmonious blending of the habitat to the surroundings makes the garden alive with the added features of gazebo, bridges, and water features and also an area for Bromeliads display. Much thought has given to duplicate the natural surroundings of these orchids to capture as much of their exquisite beauty as possible, all within the confines in the heart of the city. “The whole concept is to provide an orchid garden in a natural setting, a practical garden where the orchid grows naturally therefore you can expect that not all orchids will blossom at the same time. It’s a garden where one can walk to enjoy the beauty of nature with beautiful orchids in the centre of the city and at the same time enjoy the tropical climate”, said Au Yong Kien Chung, orchid breeder and the winner of top awards and challenge trophies at the Singapore Garden Orchid Show 2018 Festival.


So, when planning to visit the DBKU Orchid Garden in Kuching, give yourself plenty of time to take all of it in as you browse along with the beautifully landscaped property. After all, it is just a sampan ride across from the Waterfront, a mere three minutes journey across the river or about 20 minutes ride on the road from the city centre for an opportunity to see some of the most fascinating flowering plants in Asia!

DBKU Orchid Garden will fascinate you with the varieties and beauty of their orchids

DBKU Orchid Garden

inside orchid garden

inside orchid garden in kuching

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