Nostalgic Nibbles

They may not mean much to today’s kids, but back then, these sweet treats were all the rage! In fact, some of these timeless sweet treats are still enjoyed by many to this day. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with this list of nostalgic nibbles.


In this pic: White Rabbit Candy, Gold Coin Chocolates, Haw Flakes, Fizzy Cola Candy, Jelly Cups, Yupi Gummy Burgers, Push Pop, Choco Squeeze, Choki Choki, Chocolate finger sticks, Hitto Candy & Bento Milk Candy.


White Rabbit Candy

There’s always that one issue with this deliciously chewy milk candy – to eat or not to eat its edible rice cellophane wrapper. At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong way to eat it. It’s entirely up to you.

Gold Coin Chocolates

For kids, the dilemma with this “treasure” is that they wanna eat the chocolate inside but at the same time they don’t want to ruin the “gold coins”. But in the end they’d unwrap the chocolates and eat them anyway, doing so with great care so the gold colour foil wrapper would remain intact. These “coins” are also inserted into ang paus during Chinese New Year as tokens of good luck.

Haw Flakes

Once you unwrap these sweet and sour haw flakes and start popping the delicious bite-sized discs into your mouth, you won’t stop eating them until they’re all gone. And then you find yourself unwrapping another roll of haw flakes. Peeling off the delicate layers of haw flakes can be fun and therapeutic at same time.

Fizzy Cola Candy

Pop this in your mouth and enjoy the fizzy sensation. Hands down the best cola flavoured candy of all time.

Jelly Cups

Rip the top off, squeeze the cup and enjoy the sweet fruit-flavoured jelly inside. It’s simply one of the most fun things for a kid to eat!

Yupi Gummy Burgers

There are many ways in which a Yupi Gummy Burger can be eaten. One can start by assembling the middle portion of it to make one tall gummy burger and then attempt to eat it in one bite.

Push Pop

Push Pop is a brand of fruit-flavoured lollipops. The lollipop takes the form of a long cylinder that retracts into a capped plastic tube, and must be pushed out to be consumed.

Choco Squeeze

This popular snack that comes in a convenient tube can be tucked away when not eaten. Handy after a long strenuous day of activities or for that quick sugar fix.

Choki Choki

It’s not necessarily the best tasting chocolate product around, but nothing beats the satisfaction you get out of squeezing all that liquid chocolate out of its plastic tube and into your mouth.

Chocolate finger sticks

The fancy shiny foil wrapped around the chocolate fingers never fail to attract the kids’ attention. One of the simple pleasures for kids then.

Hitto Candy

What’s not to love about Hitto Mint Candy? Sweet, minty and refreshing, they’re a joy to nibble on.

Bento Milk Candy

Milk candies that come in the shape of tablets, one is never enough when you’re eating them. It’s made with milk and comes in different flavours such as chocolate, rose and corn.


In this pic: Ligo Raisins, Ice Jams, Biskut Campur, Apollo Layered Cake, Eye Glass Candy, Teddy Biscuits, Ice Pops & JoJo.


Ligo Raisins

Delightfully fruity sweet and said to be good for the brain, this snack is one that parents will surely say “yes” to.

Ice Jams

There is so much fun in eating Ice Jams. The coloured icing on the cookie makes this otherwise plain snack so much fun to eat! Pink, yellow, green? What’s your favourite colour?

Biskut Campur

Also known as Biskut King Kong by some, this pack of sweet, coconut cookies were all the rage back in the 1980s and is still popular today, especially with consumers who used to buy it back in their school days. Perfect for afternoon tea and as a quick snack.

Apollo Layered Cake

Its easy-to-carry size makes it a popular choice for kids then and now. With flavours ranging from pandan and strawberry to chocolate and vanilla, this snack is a favourite at kids’ birthday parties.

Eye Glass Candy

It’s call that simply because its blister pack that resembles the number 8 can be worn like glasses. Inside the pack are colourful Smarties-like, chocolate-filled candies.

Teddy Biscuits

These little brown teddies are too adorable to munch on but we still do it anyway because it tastes so good. They can also be enjoyed with a bowl of milk, just like cereals.

Ice Pop

Popular since the 1980s, ice pops come in many flavours and are usually enjoyed frozen. They can be seen sold from pushcarts outside of schools. Nostalgic, this!


Let’s be honest, kids in the 90s loved it for the mystery toys they get with each box they open, not so much for the chocolate balls that they also get inside. JoJo still available today and is normally pricier than other snacks but the mystery toys make it so worthwhile to buy.


In this pic: Big Foot Doraemon Lollipop & 88 bumble gum.


Big Foot Doraemon Lollipop

Its colourful packaging with the popular character Doraemon attracts kids into buying it while an assortment of fruity or soda flavours are a delight to the taste buds. There’s no wonder why this treat is so popular still.

88 bumble gum

This bubble gum comes in a pack of three colours – red, orange and yellow. Chew ‘em up and blow a bubble and just enjoy!


In this pic: Old school Apollo Ice-Cream (left) vs the modern delight fro-yo from Llao Llao.


Apollo Ice-Cream

Most kids will remember this ice-cream that’s both cheap and a good thirst quencher. It comes in delicious pandan, honeydew or vanilla flavour.

Nano Nano

Sweet, sour and salty at the same time, this candy is not for the faint-hearted. It’s so sour that it’ll have you making faces.

Biskut Bangkit Bora

It’s not the most interesting looking snack, but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in taste. The coconut biscuit is fragrant, delicious and melts in your mouth.

If you haven’t tried these snacks, check them out at these outlets:
  • Apollo Ice-Cream
    Mira Cake House, 43, Jalan Brooke, Kampung Gersik , 93250 Kuching.
  • Biskut Campur, Apollo Layered Cake, Eye Glass Candy
    Hua Hup Trading, Lot 976, Ground Floor, BDC Commercial Centre, Jalan Stutong, 93250 Kuching.
  • Ligo Raisins, Haw Flakes, Fizzy Cola Candy, Ice Jams, Jelly Cups, Nano Nano
    E.K Sim Trading, UG 12, Wisma Saberkas, Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, 93000 Kuching. (T) +6082 416 024
  • Yupi Gummy Burgers
    Most good supermarkets in and around Kuching.
  • White Rabbit Candy, Gold Coin Chocolates
    Sweet Heart Enterprises Sdn. Bhd., No 7 Ground Floor, Jalan Gambier, 93000, Kuching
  • Big Foot Doraemon Lollipop, Push Pops, Choco Squeeze, Teddy Biscuits, Choki Choki, Chocolate finger sticks, Hitto Candy, Susu Bento Candy
    DJ Yummy House, 205, Wisma Hopoh, Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuching. (T) +6016 866 8661
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