No signs of stopping for Tealive

It has only been about a year and a half since much-loved home-grown beverage brand Tealive was introduced as a brand replacing Chatime Malaysia. But already, it has grown to more than 180 outlets, with the brand even entering overseas markets.

Tealive is owned by Loob Holdings Sdn Bhd, a company incepted in September 2010. Its CEO, Bryan Loo told BorneoTalk that with the company now finally owning its very own brand, the possibility for improvement is almost limitless. He disclosed that their aim was to open 210 Tealive outlets in total by the end of 2018. And it looks like it’s not going to stop there.

Q: you’ve expanded quite rapidly in just over a year. How do you manage that?
A: We would really like to thank a lot of people who, when we were at the lowest of our business, have stood up and supported us. They helped make our transformation smoother and we were able to turn the brand around to what it is today. My thanks also go 100% to the team at Tealive – over 1,000 of them. Without them, we would have not made it this far.

Q: How many more outlets are you planning for East Malaysia?
A: In a nutshell, we want to open at least 50 additional outlets in East Malaysia over the next three to five years. They will be in multiple formats – kiosk, shoplot, drivethru and at petrol stations. The petrol station outlet concept will be the first of such concept in East Malaysia. We’re looking at setting up our first drive-thru in East Malaysia, at Tabuan Tranquillity, Kuching. It will incorporate five brands – Tealive, Llao Llao, Gindaco and two other yet to be confirmed brands.

Q: tealive+. Can you explain to us about the product?
A: When people buy our drinks, we want them to also be able to add their daily dose of goodness into them. So we worked with the world’s largest manufacturer of boosters to come up with our Tealive+ booster, which comes in four different variants – Energy, Collagen, Protein and Antioxidants. These wellness boosters are flavourless and are a great addition to your drink. Just choose your desired booster (at RM2 per sachet) and have them added to your favourite beverage.

Q: What’s next for tealive?
A: Loob Holding’s regional plan for Tealive sees the brand operating in seven countries altogether this year. We are already in Vietnam since last September. We’ve opened our first outlet in Melbourne, Australia in June and we look to open around 140 outlets in India in five years’ time. We’ve also just signed up with one of the largest F&B companies in China to grow the brand there. After China, we’ll finally go to Thailand before we proceed with our expansion in London hopefully by October, and finally Japan.

Quite an achievement for the brand indeed. And while all that will keep them busy this entire year, Tealive’s aim is to ultimately open no less than 1,000 stores across 15 countries by 2020.

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