Must have kuih raya and biscuits

You can tell that Hari Raya celebration just days away when your social media feed is filling up on kuih raya (raya cakes) and raya biscuit photos. Some of us have already unleashed our baking skills, churning out an assortment of kuih raya and biscuits in preparation to celebrate this year’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri, albeit in a social distancing style that’d make this year’s festivity one to remember for a long time.

Despite a plethora of new variations of Raya classics as well as newly created recipes that have popped up this CMCO period, those who celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri are still including kuih raya and biscuits that have been everyone’s favourites every time Hari Raya Aidilfitri comes around. Here are some of those must-have Hari Raya Aidilfitri kuih and biscuits:


Probably the most popular raya biscuit, semprit is the Malay version of butter cookie. Made from margarine, custard powder, corn flour and vanilla extract, the milky taste of this flower-shaped melt-in-your-mouth raya biscuit will definitely have you digging into the cookie jar until there’s no semprit left.

Almond London

Despite its name, Almond London does not come from London but is very much Malaysian. The origins of its name remain a mystery to this day, but one thing’s for sure – chocolate lovers simply cannot resist this raya biscuit! Think toasted almonds in a crunchy biscuit that is covered with chocolate – yummy!

Honey Cornflakes 

If there is one raya biscuit recipe that’s always plastered on the back of cereal boxes during festive seasons, it is this one. Honey cornflakes is absolutely easy to make that even your kids can bake the biscuit themselves. This raya biscuit is also addictive. Once you’ve popped one in your mouth, it’s hard not to reach for another one. By the time you realise it, you’re probably already halfway through the biscuit tub!

Sarang Semut

Translated to English, the name translates as ants’ nest. As weird as it sounds, the shredded dough made of flour, custard flour, margarine and sugar does look a lot like an ant’s nest!

Pineapple tart

Not only is this traditional fruit biscuit famous during Hari Raya, but also other festivities such as Chinese New Year and Gawai Dayak. Pineapple tart comes in varying shapes, be it rolled, opened-faced or enclosed moulds. The best pineapple tart would have an equal balance of buttery taste and sweetness.

Batang Buruk

Do not be taken aback by its name, whose literal translation is “rotten log”. Batang Buruk is a cylindrical, flaky kuih raya that is filled with mung bean powder on the inside. This nostalgic Malay kuih is primarily made of ingredients like wheat flour, rice flour and grated coconut.

Kuih Bangkit

This raya biscuit might not have the looks, but this crumbly and powdery deliciousness is extremely popular and a classic favourite amongst the older crowd. Kuih Bangkit can be found in various shapes and sizes but is usually shaped like a star.

Which of these kuih raya and biscuits are you planning to include in your list this year?

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