Malaysia Airlines to roll out Digital Travel Health Pass

The enduring COVID-19 pandemic has forced those needing to travel by air face an overwhelming situation of ever-changing testing regulations and paperwork requirements. However, this will soon be over as Malaysian Airlines is introducing its Digital Travel Health Pass as the solution to safe and easy air travel.

One-stop solution

Acting as a one-stop travel solution, the digital passport will be integrated in Malaysia Airlines’ mobile app, with simple easy-to-follow steps before a passenger can conveniently travel from one place to another. 

“Passengers can easily make appointments with certified medical partners to carry out a COVID-19 RT-PCR test or include their COVID-19 vaccination certificate on their mobile phones, making the process of tackling their travel requirements much more straightforward and manageable for the everyday traveller. In addition, passengers can verify their travel eligibility with the airline before their travels, making them aware and informed of the constantly developing travel policies worldwide,” said Malaysia Airlines, in a statement yesterday.

The Digital Travel Health Pass will integrate modules from IATA Travel Pass. This enables passengers to create a digital passport, verify their test/vaccination requirements and status, and share their “OK to Travel” status with the relevant authorities.

IATA modules

Among the four open-sourced, interoperable modules that will be paired with end-to-end solution created by IATA are:

  1. Registry of Health Requirements
    –  Enables passengers to find latest information on travel, testing and vaccine requirements for the journey
  2. Registry of Testing/Vaccination Centers
    –  Enables passengers to find testing centres and labs at departure/arrival locations that meet the standards of their destination
  3. Lab App
    –  Enables authorised test centres and labs to send test results or vaccination certificates securely to passengers
  4. Travel Pass App
    –  Enables passengers to create a digital passport, verify their test/ vaccinations meets the regulations and share test/vaccination certificates to authorities
    –  Can be used to manage travel documentation digitally and seamlessly throughout the travel experience

A historic milestone in the post-pandemic air travel industry

Group Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Aviation Group Izham Ismail said the pass would restore confidence for people to travel nationally and internationally.

This is in line with the airline’s commitment to provide safe travels and a secure digital platform for passengers to store their travel documents.

“Part of our promise to ensure passengers can Fly Confidently, the Digital Travel Health Pass will open the way for us to take the brave next step into the world in a post-pandemic time, instilling confidence in our passengers and providing access to an easy-to-navigate way to prepare for their upcoming travels,” he said.

According to IATA Airport, Passenger, Cargo, Security Senior Vice President Nick Careen, the IATA travel app is a global solution that both governments and passengers can trust whether it is stand-alone or incorporated into an airline’s own travel app. He also said that the app is built with security, data privacy and convenience in mind.

Download Malaysia Airlines App today

In the meantime, Malaysia Airlines is working closely with relevant authorities to roll out the health pass and will be sharing more details soon. For the latest updates on the Health Pass, download the Malaysia Airlines App today.

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