Make Raya at home more exciting

As Ramadan draws to a close, it is time to prepare for Raya! While the pandemic is keeping us from having large family gatherings and open houses, let’s not let the distance between us dampen our festive spirit. With that being said, we have here a list of places where you can purchase Raya goodies and treats to light up this Raya!

Ziqqra Cookies 

Let’s support our fellow Sarawakian pastry chefs out there who are baking delicious cookies and treats for us just in time for this Raya! Ziqqra Cookies specialises in making brownie cookies and makmur susu. Combining traditional and modern tastes, Ziqqra Cookies is definitely a good addition for your Raya menu. Order yours at instagram.com/ziqqracookies/?hl=en.

Ziqqra Cookies


Edmund’s Homemade 

Operating since 2014, Sarawakian brand Edmund’s Homemade has been producing tasty homemade Kek Lapis and Nyonya delicacies. This Raya, they have come up with “Kak Su & The Fatima”. These Raya specials are two gift sets that go back to the basis of Ramadan, which is about family and giving back, nicely fitted in a wicker basket. Find out more at edmundshomemade.com/the-raya-project?fbclid=IwAR385_6HhosTkkba8nnFp4M39e6eJrQWcTpAtu9MFF3x4qKkLWMy9785OTQ

Make Raya at home more exciting – Edmund’s Homemade


Hamidah Kek Lapis

For Sarawakians, besides serving the irreplaceable rendang and ketupat, Kek Lapis Sarawak is another must-have food during Raya. This colourful layered sweet cake is one of the things that makes Sarawak Raya even special. This year, why not have a taste of Hamidah Kek Lapis, which has franchises in five locations including Everrise Vivacity, Satok and Jalan Matang. For more information, visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/hamidahkeklapis/ 

Make Raya at home more exciting – Hamidah Kek Lapis


Gigit Rangup

Celebrate this Raya with the savoury, crispy and crunchy cookies from Gigit Rangup. With their newly released Gawai Raya combo, Gigit Rangup cookies will definitely bring happiness to all cookie lovers and the sweet toothed out there. Visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/Gigit-Rangup-Cookies-101868351603209/ for more info.

Gigit Rangup



Finally, let’s spread warmth and love this Raya by extending our thoughts to the less fortunate. By purchasing SUB (StirringUpBorneo) Raya Promo products such as the beautifully handcrafted tote bags or hand sanitiser pouches, you will be lending a hand to make the lives of single mothers much easier, and in return you get to flaunt your new Raya tote bag! Visit borneotalk.com/product-category/raya-promo/ for more info!

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