Let’s get vaccinated

It’s good to know that Sarawak has the most number of people in Malaysia to have received their COVID-19 vaccine jab. In fact, this writer had just received his first dose of AstraZeneca just this week. How does it feel? It feels wonderful! It feels as if this immense weight has been lifted off this writer’s shoulders.

But of course, having gotten your vaccine does not mean that you should be going out there feeling all invincible, because you are not! As most of you should know now, the COVID-19 vaccine is by all means not a cure. Instead, it boosts your immunity to better protect you against a possible COVID-19 infection – a deflector shield, if you may. And like all deflector shields, it doesn’t mean that you’re immune completely from the virus. Precautious are still necessary, such as wearing your protective mask, sanitising your hands and maintaining a distance of one metre (the more the better) from everyone else.

Let's get vaccinated

But then again, it does feel good to finally be vaccinated. You feel better knowing that you have this extra layer of protection over you against the dreaded coronavirus. Suddenly the future don’t seem so bleak. There is a renewed sense of hope and you feel some sort of achievement as you join others in a collected effort to build a herd immunity.

Having said all that, we urge all of you out there who have not registered to get your vaccine yet to do so as soon as you possibly can. Maybe all those talks and those things you’ve read about the side effects of the vaccine are holding you back from registering for your vaccination. But the prospect of putting an end to this pandemic altogether by getting vaccinated and achieving herd immunity outweighs the risks that come with getting yourself jabbed with the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a recent infographic released by the Malaysian Health Ministry, it has been found that even if you’ve survived through a COVID-19 infection, there is a high probability of you suffering from long term effects on your overall health. That is a scary thought! So please, if you have not registered yourself of COVID-19 vaccination, do so this instance. 

Registration can be made via the MySejahtera smartphone app. For more information on COVID-19 vaccine, go to Vaksin Covid-19 | COVID-19 MALAYSIA (moh.gov.my)

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