Lambir Hills National Park

One of the famed national parks for its botanical diversity Lambir Hills National Park in Miri is a wonderful recreational area with waterfalls and pockets of hill slopes for excellent picturesque experience and naturally. With a land area of 6952 hectares, it is one of the smaller parks in Sarawak. Its diverse range of botanical species for those into plants and a focus point for botanical research activities involving local and international institutions. This is one park in Sarawak where year-long research works are carried out by dedicated young scientists. There is always an opportunity to meet up with these botanists and zoologists as well as other researchers.

waterfalls cascade

National Park in Miri

To enjoy the park to it is fullest and explore its range of hills and diversified plant species. The best option is to stay overnight in one of the chalets or resthouse inside the park. Make reservations with the Information Office in Miri or the office of the Sarawak Forestry Corporation. Then get ready for hiking up the trails and spending the night observing bats and other nocturnal species.

Range of Botanical species

During the day, the walk up the summit at over 400 meters is to see the changing range of plants on the lowland and upland areas. On the way down, a dip in the waterfall pool is a refreshing experience. Moreover, having a picnic by the cascading fall is a well-earned relaxing afternoon. Visitors can wander about the trails without guides, as markers are clear and unlikely to get lost by following signboards. The best choice is to have guides to share experience on the rich plant species and stones. Topography and animal life in the park as it is a natural attraction for Mirians and visitors during the weekends.

One of smaller parks in Sarawak

Range of Botanical species

Meals at the park provided by the canteen operators and at reasonable rates too. Most of the researchers to have their meals here and for people to meet and share stories after evening meals. Tour operators often include trips to Lambir Hills Park with a side trip to Niah National Park too. The ‘darkroom’ experience in the prehistoric caves is a contrast to the abundant green of Lambir Park. Visitors can also drive to these destinations as the road signages are clear and make for the easy driving experience. In between the parks, visitors can also drop by the Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort. Where the lush forest provides for a rewarding experience in sightseeing while team-building activities are the main focus of the resort. Whatever the choices made, a trip to the area is one that will endear visitors to nature and experience a relaxing and rewarding adventure for everyone.

Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort
Know more about Lambir Hills National Park, please visit Sarawak Forestry at this LINK.

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