I was the only guy in a room full of girls!

– Hendri Take on Yoga, Nature and Life


On a balmy Friday morning, Hendri Take was in high spirits and jovial mood after instructing a yoga class. The pleasant and spirited vibes from Hendri was infectious, as everyone in the picturesque and normally serene Cove 55 was alive with chatter, as the invigorated yoga practitioners enjoyed the company of one another and the weather.

One of the instructors for “Yoga In The Wild”, Hendri flew in from Indonesia and arrived in Kuching the night before the yoga event. We caught up with him to learn more about his story and his take on why everyone should try out yoga at least once in their life!

BT: When was the first time you tried yoga?

HT: The very first time I tried yoga was 14 years ago when I was in university. I saw there was a yoga class, so I just decided to join on the spot to see what it was. I was the only guy in the whole class! And to make it worse, I wasn’t even dressed in the right outfit – I was wearing jeans that weren’t very flexible! But even if that was the case, I enjoyed it. The instructor after the class told me to come back and wear something more loose next time. Since then, I fell more and more in love with yoga and haven’t looked back.

BT: What are some of the benefits of yoga you discovered?

HT: Since I began practising yoga, I noticed a lot of physical benefits such as feeling fitter and stronger, as well as more flexible. Then I realised the small changes that made a big difference, such as having better sleep and breathing. This led to me feeling calmer and less anxious overall. I also had a deeper appreciation of life and everything around me. I feel more grateful for all the blessings that come my way, including health and family.

BT: As with all successful people, you must have a routine. What does your morning look like?

HT: I wake up early, make a healthy breakfast and then spend five to six hours practising yoga. I also help out in my family business in central Jakarta, and I work on my own side projects when I have time.

BT: You’re very entrepreneurial with your own business! You sell your own version of Jamu!

HT: Yes, Jamu is a traditional Indonesian drink that’s incredibly healthy. A lot of younger people have a misconception that it’s medicinal and avoid it due to the bitter taste. I try to find a balance of flavours so it’s not as strong, but still using fully natural ingredients so it’s nutritious!

BT: “Yoga In The Wild”, seems so fun and exciting can you share and elaborate on the difference and benefits between practising yoga indoors compared to in nature? HT: At home, you feel comfortable since it’s a familiar environment. But being in nature and surrounded by the different elements really heightens your senses as you become more attuned to the environment. You hear the birds singing, you smell the grass and pollen, you feel the sun and wind against your skin. It’s a great experience.

BT: For people looking to get into yoga for the first time, is there any advice?

HT: Well, don’t be like me and make sure you wear the right attire! Something loose and comfy is best, like a sleeveless vest and shorts. You don’t need music – I don’t use it personally as I like to focus on myself! And don’t worry about diet! If you want to be serious about yoga, you don’t need to subscribe to any dieting. Just keep practising and you’ll feel the benefits in no time.


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